How to earn online!

By Shamsun nahar shimu | Self care.. | 24 May 2020

There are lots of oppurtunity to earn money online.

You can earn by blogging,by clicking ads,affiliate programme,by youtube,short links,photography and many more options availabe!

Just pick a option that you like and start working!

But you know what is needed to work online most?

Answer: Patience

Yeah,you need it most to work.

You may think you want to earn right now! But making a huge amount alawys takes time!

If you make 0.40$ today,you should be happy!

Because it is more than what you had yesterday!!!

The second thing you need is Love

Yeah,Love for your work!

If you don't love writing,so please don't do the work!

If you get bores with clicking ads,why are you doing it?

If you can't hold a camera properly! Why do you want to sell your pictures?

Do you think it will last??

I dont think so!

So be patience and love your work!

If you can start from making 0.1$, you can soon reach to 100$ only by keeping patience and loving your work!

Starting a thing is very easy, but maintaing it is difficult.

It is upto you, if you want to fight or be a loser without fighting!

I have been doing online work for last 3months, I got several fake sites, I was frustated clicking some ads daily!(okay I made some bucks there but yet,because I dont like it).

Then I got some platform of blogging,yeah! I was looking for it actually!

I love to read and also love to write about various thing!

Find the inner you, ask your mind what you love to do!

Choose is and the game is your.

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Self care..
Self care..

Taking care of yourself is the thing that we avoid most! But loving and pampering yourself is more important for our health and mind..

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