Contact Tracing COVID 19 and Microchip Society - Truth Versus FUD - Bill Gates Digital Vaccine Certificates
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Contact Tracing COVID 19 and Microchip Society - Truth Versus FUD - Bill Gates Digital Vaccine Certificates

By Perry1 | Seeking Truth | 16 May 2020

For many years people have feared the time when mandatory vaccines would be imposed on populations. There are many reasons that those who fear to get vaccinated have, including the following: Diseases that will cause death overtime to solve the world overpopulation problem; diseases such as autism that can be contracted by children from vaccines, and that the vaccine is the mark of the beast mentioned in the Book Of Revelations. In relation to the last fear, it needs to be clarified that the mark of the beast will be a mark of some kind that will identify the bearer as one who has sworn allegiance to the Anti-Christ and one who has publicly denied Christ, and this mark will then enable them to continue their lives as normal, whatever normal is when the time comes.


The final one is spoken of less; however,  Some have made the connection between the Coronavirus and microchipping of entire populations for the purpose of contact tracing which the mainstream scientific community claim is required to contain the epidemic. The question is why is this so feared. Well until now it has been believed that microchips can be used to track all individuals but this is not totally accurate, as will be clarified in the video below.

There are numerous rumours, false reports and information that is purely designed to create fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). What is the truth and what evidence exists that cannot be contradicted due to the fact that the answers have been published? Questions that need to be answered and that will be addressed in the video include the following:

  • Can microchips be used to track individuals 
  • How will people who have had the virus or were tested recently gain an immunity certificate
  • Will microchips be used to provide immunity certificates / digital certificates for COVID 19
  • Which world-renowned institutions are currently developing microchip technology for Bill Gates
  • Which major corporations have formed partnerships with Microsoft to  see the project through
  • Is the project supported by the United Nations
  • How is contact tracing supported by United States law
  • What will make it possible for compulsory microchipping and vaccines to become mandatory by law
  • What are the wider implications of The COVID 19 epidemic and should we be concerned

Watch the video here





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