Sara Cunial Speech on Italian Parliament

Bill Gates Accused of Crimes Against Humanity in Italy Parliament -COVID 19 Vaccines - Fires of Resistance - Video

By Perry1 | Seeking Truth | 17 May 2020

Italian member of parliament, Sara Cunial delivered a powerful & passionate 7-minute speech earlier this week speaking out against against "The holy inquisition of False science" perpetrated on the citizens of the world as a result of the COVID 19 epidemic. She criticized the unnecessary lockdown imposed on citizens of Italy in order to support the globalist agenda. She directly quoted Billed Gates who stated, "If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world".


Sara Cunial gave further examples in her speech of Gates' vaccines which have sterilized millions of woman in Africa and paralyzed 500 000 children in India. All this while. "All this while he is already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination recognition and mRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system."


She stated that the real goal of all this was total control and absolute domination of human beings. She boldly declared that "We the people, will multiply the fires of resistance in  a way that you won't be able to repress us all." In Her speech, she requested that Gates' be charged with crimes against humanity.


The video should be watched on a laptop - it takes about 4 seconds to start


Video Link to the Passionate Speech

Transcript of the speech by Sarah Cunial

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