Introduction to my blog about security related topics

Introduction to my blog about security related topics


I decided to start a blog on publish0x. Well, this is kind of a try but also a demand I feel. I want to share my experiences with data security and how one should move around in the world of digitizing everything. You may ask what this means. It is quite simple.

The average user of the world wide web, user of social media like Facebook, TikTok and many others, user of insecure chat tools like WhatsApp, user of the mail protocol without encryption and especially users using storage systems like Dropbox without encrypting their data simply don't know the risks, don't have the awareness and don't have the knowledge how to protect themselves and how to behave.

My goal is to show that security and data protection is not difficult. There are many easy to use tools and methods everyone, who is able to open a program on a computer, can use. Unfortunately we human beings are extremely unwilling to do things or change our behaviour, if we do not understand why. The logical solution to this fact is to overcommunicate these things and spread the word. 


Here are some topics I will dive into in the upcoming posts:

  • How top protect my personal data when using storage tools like Dropbox!
  • Which messenger applications are secure to use?
  • Why should I use a dedicated password and email address for each service I use and how to do it?
  • What is a secure browser to use and why should I use it?
  • How can I hide my digital footsteps when I am surfing the web?
  • Which advise should I give my kids when they walk around in cyberspace?
  • What is 2FA and why should I use it?

These are just the topics coming in my mind when I think about security. 


If you are reading a lot of books and articles, you will eventually have the urge to write by yourself. The downside is, that most likely someone else will have written about what you would like to write already. Does it matter? Yes and know. As I have stated before there are topics that need to be overcommunicated. Security in the age of the cyber world is such a topic. 

I will try to write about these topics in a very simple manner. I will show you easy ways how to protect yourself by giving best practices from my experience. You will be able to follow easily and I promise, you will feel safer. If you are not concerned I invite you to at least take some minutes and think about what I will show you and why I think you should change your behaviour. 

Who am I?

Well, my real name is not Gram Krux. This is an alias for myself and I hope you are fine with the fact, that I don't give my real name here. Why does this not matter at all? Because I could tell you any names I like and could use any photos of any person and claim, that it is really me. This is a basic concept of being secure: you have to lie as much as possible to keep your personality safe. Don't get me wrong here. I am not cheating with you. I also don't know who you are really. Don't I?

To give you a little info about myself anyway, here you are:

  • I am male
  • I am 49 years old
  • I live in Germany
  • I am the CTO of a company creating webbased software
  • I am working in the area of and with Web Technologies since 1998
  • I am married and have two children 
  • One of my main topics is IT-Security 
  • I am a huge fan, user and participant in the OpenSource community

About the big players in the web

When I started to create things based on web technologies, there was only Amazon and Facebook and Google were yet to come. What these companies and many others did was a tremendous push for the common usage and acceptance of the web. So we all have to accept, that these companies helped to grow the web. But in the last years I am more and more concerned, if the practices are ok for the users of their services. I personally don't think so. That's the reason why I will show you, that there are a lot of alternatives for their services. And will also discuss why it is extremely hard to move away and use something else: why should I use the Signal Messanger instead of WhatsApp when none of my friends use Signal?

All the Best



I am Gram

Security in the age of digitizing everything
Security in the age of digitizing everything

Since the world wide web, digitalization and connecting everything digitally, the need to secure our personal data and identity is growing enormously. In this blog I will share my experiences with following the approach to protect me, my family and also my friends and colleagues.

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