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Strategy to safely create login credentials for your accounts

27 Jan 2020 3 minute read 0 comments GramKrux

In this post I discuss some basic precautions regarding how to create safe passwords and why you should create a unique email and password combination for all the accounts you register at. Doomsday Scenario It is a common fact, that a lost password a...

Use Cryptomator to safely store your data anywhere

19 Jan 2020 2 minute read 1 comment GramKrux

While creating and collecting documents, images or any other data, there is the need to store these data in the cloud for backup reasons. There are many storage providers out there like Google Drive or Dropbox which support integration into the opera...

Introduction to my blog about security related topics

11 Jan 2020 3 minute read 2 comments GramKrux

Why? I decided to start a blog on publish0x. Well, this is kind of a try but also a demand I feel. I want to share my experiences with data security and how one should move around in the world of digitizing everything. You may ask what this means. It...


TOP Things You Should Know About Loopring and LRC

3 Mar 2020 MuyAsk

15 April 2020
Got a link for us?

2000 BTC Worth $10M Transferred From Unknown Wallet to Bitstamp

15 Mar 2020

17 March 2020
why do we want to know who is behind the transfer? The anonymity is the default in crypto currencies

What’s Happening With Stocks & Crypto

15 Mar 2020 Scott Cunningham

15 March 2020
For sure we don't take advantage of COVID-19. But there is a time afterwards and it's true when you say "it's time to invest when things are bad". Btw - you said the name of the virus at 6:48 anyway :D

10 Facts about Facebook Libra that YOU NEED TO KNOW, RIGHT NOW!

2 Mar 2020 circuitops

04 March 2020
... and stay dreams with Libra

10 Facts about Facebook Libra that YOU NEED TO KNOW, RIGHT NOW!

2 Mar 2020 circuitops

04 March 2020
Yeah - we should stop using Coinbase

10 Facts about Facebook Libra that YOU NEED TO KNOW, RIGHT NOW!

2 Mar 2020 circuitops

04 March 2020
The solution is very simple: don't buy Libra

Facebook's Libra is alive and kicking: Libra & Tagomi

28 Feb 2020

28 February 2020
My personal opinion is this: Facebook is trampling on our privacy and is the new evil. E.g. what they did with the privacy settings with WhatsApp after they acquired it. I recommend not to use anything what is related to Facebook. And also not Libra.

The BANANO Blog at Publish0x now has 1000 Followers! Let's do a Publish0x-Exclusive Giveaway!

14 Feb 2020 banano

24 February 2020
saw this too late :( ban_3iei4uxeek6ka454nfb1tf1ase4ge9impd7fa1azs55xoskw36kz5bo7nxnd

Japanese winter festivals - part II

23 Feb 2020 PantheraNegra

23 February 2020
Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing ;-) Best Provably Fair Crypto Gaming Website

23 Feb 2020 Crypto_Bee

23 February 2020
This is really not worth mentioning here. I opened the site with three different browsers and I was the lucky winner of 1 BTC each time when I register. Stop posting shit like this please.

Go to Hell, KYC!

23 Feb 2020 borishaifa

23 February 2020
Thanks for heads up. That's really a mess and unfortunately, I took a KYC process two or three times. I will not do it again. I was thinking how to stay "personal" but if you once bought crypto via an exchange with KYC, you will always be traceable. At least your transactions will guessable since the exchange knows the address where one transferred the crypto to (the personal hardware wallet e.g)

Crypto-Backed Brave Uncovers the Biggest Data Breach Ever Recorded in the UK

6 Feb 2020 Brawnd0

08 February 2020
and regarding the "Facebook data breach". Sorry sir. You are definitely wrong with your statements. Check out what CA is able to do. The same counts what I said above.

Crypto-Backed Brave Uncovers the Biggest Data Breach Ever Recorded in the UK

6 Feb 2020 Brawnd0

08 February 2020
The problem is HOW the data are being collected. I have nothing against tracking unless I have the chance to understand EVERY BIT what the collector will do with the data. So if everything ios transparent and I am able to choose the collector that's fine. BUT - I implemented hundreds of tracking code for customers and moste of them are extremely crappy AND call other tracking services within their scripts. That is definitely a no go. So the solution is: block everything!

Travel Portugal - Quinta da Regaleira

5 Feb 2020 portugal

05 February 2020
Awesome report and pictures. Thank you!

Twitter Co-Founder backup a Bitcoin Banking App.

5 Feb 2020 alberdioni8406

05 February 2020
Thanks for the informative post. Just kidding: should we read from right to left? ;-)

In Depth Analysis of Pi And 5 Serious Red Flags!!!

4 Feb 2020 andreaskanel

04 February 2020
Thanks for the investigation. I have a PI account and am mining. I find it quite interesting and am looking forward to see, if the experiment will succeed. I am not really concerned about given my data because - for sure - they are not my real ones. One point though made me think about it though: I gave my phone number. So this could be used to trace me. But the risk is quite low imho.

Hummingbot: Decentralized Market Making, Automating Trading Strategies, Liquidity Mining and High-Frequency Trading (Open source with support for a wide range of centralized and decentralized exchanges)

28 Jan 2020 rhyzom

02 February 2020
Thanks for the writeup. For me, as a developer, this is really interesting. I will install it and see what it feels like.

Finding The Best Free Images For Your Blog - Publish0xTutorials

1 Feb 2020 Ronnie10

01 February 2020
Thanks for the tipp with pixaby - it's an awesome site!

Top Things You Should Know About Binance

29 Jan 2020 MuyAsk

31 January 2020
Thank you for this thoroughly well put together article. I moved from Coinbase to Binance and am happy so far.

BAT Was Not Designed To Be Traded As A Currency Or Commodity

29 Jan 2020 Smoljanović

29 January 2020
Thanks for the post. But why is BAT tradable in all major platforms then? Coinbaise, Binance ...

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Creating Passive Crypto Income Streams Is My Passion

30 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

Building For Tomorrow I have written a few articles about passive income and I am sure that most of my readers have picked up that I have a pretty strong bias towards staking projects, as my strongest objective is to create passive income well into t...

Integrated Search Experience and Rewards Evolution

27 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments Presearch

In preparation for the launch of the new decentralized nodes-based Presearch Engine in Q4 of this year, we’re making some changes to the Presearch user experience in September, as announced in our recently published Vision Paper UX Refresh — New Int...

Introducing the Aragon Network DAO: Phoenix to Firebird

27 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Aragon-Official

For years, the main focus of the Aragon ecosystem has been building tools for DAOs to thrive. As of today, Aragon DAOs have more than $350M in assets under management and help govern an economy worth billions of dollars. Aragon is the leading DAO pla...

How I make my thumbnails. Detailed creation process.

5 Jul 2020 5 minute read comments Alexandru-Balan

Creating thumbnails is an important part of being an article writer. It's the first thing your readers see and it should make them curious while also encapsulating the essence of your article. Today I'm going to share with you how I create thumbnail...

BANANO Just Hit 10 Million Blocks on Bitcoin Halving Day!

11 May 2020 1 minute read comments banano

Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies and has its halvening today. It went on steadily for more than a decade, with a block every 10 minutes or so. Congrats, Bitcoin! Funnily also today, the next-generation DAG-based cryptocurrency BANANO jus...

How-to move Bitcoin with ZERO transaction costs

28 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments favicon

  Using pBTC and EOS. pBTC pBTC is an IOU based Bitcoin token, launched first on Ethereum and it's part of PieDAO's BTC++ ETF They partnered with EOS Stablecoin provider EOSDT to bridge Bitcoin to EOS. Here's how to FREE First of all, you need an EOS...

Message to my Followers

19 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments nicklaus

Hello friends, today I'm very happy, last night I saw it reach 100 followers, and I liked it very much, but this morning at 10:00 am Spanish time When I got up, turned on the pc, and entered the platform, I found something great. I leave you the imag...

My Posting Process For Blockchain Platforms

16 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

Let’s go behind the scenes to give you the full start to finish process I take in posting my videos and content on blockchain and crypto-monetized social platforms. This way you’ll see exactly what I do, and I’ll share my strategy, tips, and tricks...

A marketer's view on publish0x stats: is it worth to publish here?

12 Apr 2020 7 minute read comments Giorgiob

There's one thing I normally do as soon as I visit an interesting site: I look at its stats.  One of the most popular tools to estimate another site's traffic and engagement is "SimilarWeb", but it's possible to get some interesting insights about c...

TOP Things You Should Know About Loopring and LRC

3 Mar 2020 11 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys! Back with another in-depth list of answers for the most asked questions, this time it is for the magical decentralized exchange protocol - Loopring (LCR).   If you haven't seen my latest FAQ articles, feel free to take a look at Lisk (LSK),...


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