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Making friends in second life game

Today I decided to go on a challenge: trying to make friends in second life. I have my new and ugly avatar and my old and not ugly one. Both are female since I am a woman in real life. Let's see who makes more friends? I'll go to the same places with both, just to see what happens. 

In order to do so, I'll search for destinations that are described as Chat Hot Spots, and I only find 2 places with more than 30 residents: London City and Social Island 10.  I'll go to one of them with both avatars. I have to see what happens, which one makes friends easier.

Let's go. Click teleport to  London City. Ok, I landed and wait for everything to rezz.

I am a bit shy to start talking to people so, if someone doesn't talk with me, I will just stand there doing nothing.

A man starts singing for tips. I am not sure if it's me or him, but I can't hear him well, so I'll move on.

He made contact with me, asking if he could sing a song for me, and told me that I am pretty. Private chat - through Instant Message - other people couldn't hear.


I believe he only wants tips - I  have a suspicious mind that way.

Now people started saying hi to me and talk.

Anyway, he sings nicely, I gave him a small tip and I am applauding. 

I am on a mission here - trying to make friends, It might take some time.

So now we are all chatting here: him, two other women, and I. He is telling stories and we are interacting with him. 

But again, he is a performer, so that's easy for him. 

Oh, I  must say, with my profile, it must be hard to make any friends because it is written: "No random friendships requests". I did it because too many people asked for friendship without even knowing me, without talking with me even once. They were hosts at parties -  they ask for friendship  - send a friendship request - so they can call us when there is a party and that's awful. I blocked them all.

I made no friends, just talked a bit.

Now let's come to the same place with my ugly noob avatar and see what happens.

I arrived with my newbie avatar and the singer is also nice to me but didn't sing a song for me. He is surrounded by women now. But he is nice to me as well, asking about the little fairy that follows me. He is singing to the only beautiful woman there now. 

806b7b7d6eb451ff0f1e8a4b664ebc39221be06757bb0a1f1f0171d8178278d3.pngThe singer stopped playing because another performer arrived. What happens? He starts talking with me.  And I finally made a friend.

So as a result, the pretty one didn't make friends, but the noob and ugly did. Maybe the beautiful left too early, I don't know. 


I wonder why this happened. I made one friend with the newbie. She is only 4 days old and is not half as good looking as my other avatar.

No women became friends with any of the avatars, though.

Seems it's not as easy to make friends in second life...or it's just me. As I said, I am a bit shy.

I'll keep on trying, anyway.

Well, right before I finished this post, I checked the beautiful avatar's e-mails and I saw a message from that singer asking me where I had gone.

Seems I would have become friends with him with either avatar I used. I believe that he is on a mission too...but a very different one!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed it.


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