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Jobs in second life? Why?

Second life is supposed to be an escape from real life, then why would people work there? For the same reason people work on their first lives: to get money to be able to buy the items they need or want.

Since it's almost impossible to live for free in second life, as I showed in my last post one starts asking: what do I have to do to make lindens (the second life currency)?

1 - If you have the knowledge, you can start by creating (clothes, furniture, skins, etc) and sell on the marketplace.

But what if you don't have any knowledge? 

2 - Rely on your talent! You can become a Host, a DJ, a photographer - if your graphics cards allow you to become one.

 Now we have the issue of the looks. Yes, there is work in second life - but in order to be eligible for any work there, the avatar must be good-looking and not look like a noob! This means: spending real money, and I don't mean little lindens, in order to try to find a job or to become a blogger and get things for free. That means having a Mesh Bento Quality Body, having good hairstyles, clothes, skin, accessories, etc.

To become a blogger, also, one must know how to take good high-quality pictures. 

What are the job offers?

We will check it today since I have decided to become beautiful enough to find one. I'll log in today with my real avatar and not the one I created to show you the first steps in the "game".

Last time you saw me I was looking like this:


Now I look like this:

I bought a body, a head, and a new skin, eyes, and an animation overrider (this makes me move naturally and not walk like a noob). I joined some store's groups to receive gifts - the groups that are free.

I have decided to wear only free clothes and hair for this post:


How much did I spend? 

I bought a Maitreya  Bento Body - Lara. Cost: 2.750 Lindens, a Lelutka Bento Evolution Head. Cost: 3.990 Lindens. 7 Deadly Skins ( a quality skin) at Girls Heaven Event (at events, products are less expensive). Cost: 300 Lindens. Eyes from Arte: 299 Lindens. Eyebrows from Arte too: Cost: 199 Lindens. Animation Overrider: Vista: 2.399 Lindens

I know how to edit my shape (head and body), so I didn't have to buy any, but if you don't know and you are in a hurry to look well, you would spend on that too.

Why do we edit shape? Because we don't want to look like everyone else that bought the same items we did. Everyone wants to be unique.

Now I believe to be beautiful enough to find a job. I spent: 9.937 Lindens. How much is it in dollars? It's 42,90 Dollars.

Have in mind that you will need more than just what I bought.

Now, let's try to find a job?

I am going to search job under the classified tab, let's see what I find.

Oh this is appealing! 


Clicked the site: e2lnetwork and it got me interested!

For this, I  didn't have to have spent that amount of money! I should have searched before - have it in mind!!! 

I am trying to see how this pays for visits far no luck.

Well, let's take advantage of my good looks now and I'll show you another job:


This job offers real linden - L50/hour only after six months of training - until then the employee receives jewels, which is not bad for me who need jewelry, especially for blogging.

There are many job offers for Hosts and DJs. I could apply if I wanted to, maybe I would get some lindens working as a Hostess.

I hope you have enjoyed the reading. 

Now I'll go back to that site  e2lnetwork - that will bring me some lindens faster I believe.


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