Steemhunt: Be the Hunter, Don't get hunted–Reviewing the 'BestDApp'.

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Unarguably one the biggest features of the blockchain technology is the ability to build decentralized applications and create smart contracts on the blockchain, probably the most mind-blowing ability of the blockchain technology, not only are these applications and contracts secure, they also usher in another level of decentralization and prevents the interference of middle men and/or third party influences, just as its parent technology–The blockchain.

DAPPs also popularly termed ‘smart contracts’ smart contracts are decentralized computer applications running on a distributed computing system. These two works together and even when you use these terms interchangeably, you are still right (to some extent).

Numerous blockchains which supports the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts have enabled developers build amazing applications and drive real life adoption of blockchain technology, DApps have since it’s onset emerged as one of the greatest drive towards real life adoption of blockchain technology. While Etherum, Tron and EOS blockchains have become the pace-setters in DApp technology hosting numerous decentralized applications built with sophisticated technologies and surviving the test of time; other emerging blockchains such as NEO, Waves and Steem also harbor plausible DApps.

The Steem blockchain in particular is the home of numerous DApps such as steemit, SteemMonsters, Steemhunt, dtube… just to mention a few, many of It’s DApps have centered on improving content creation and rewarding contributors and have birthed many good bloggers, vloggers and photographers while also housing content creators unboarding from other platforms.

Having used many DApps on the steem blockchain, one of them have stood out for me as the ‘BestDapp’, not just on the steem blockchain but also relative to other blockchains–STEEMHUNT


     Be the Hunter, don’t get hunted! 

Being a developer/manufacturer could be a herculian task, not only due to the stress of having to create something new from the scratch or building something better from an already existing creation but also the need to assess how your productions are being used by the target population, and also what every user thinks about what you’ve created.

Being a good producer also entails maintaining balance between production and consumer feedback. Producers as regards this, seeks users feedback via surveys and researches, while this comes handy at times, it could also get costly with cost ranging from bearable costs to millions of dollars spent on paid surveys and reviews.

The advent of Steemhunt DApp on the steem blockchain have once again bridged the gap between manufacturers and the large public. The Hunt platform is designed as a home for product early-adopters who have exceptional knowledge and passion for new cool products. Introduced on March 2018, the steemhunt DApp have since then built a community of ‘product hunters' who discover exciting new products, review them and post their reviews and samples of the discovered products on the steemhunt platform. Here, other members of the large community shares their views on the concerned product.

The ‘Hunter' includes relevant links to the product to allow readers get more information on the product and drive a more informed participation. The discovered product is termed a ‘Hunt'.

Both the Hunter and the rest of the community who reviews the hunt are rewarded in the native ‘hunt' token. This incentive helps to expand the passion of tech product lovers into practical form of service for product makers so that new products launches can be more impactful on a global level.

How Steemhunt is developing the manufacturing sector and driving real life adoption

The community is speaking, and the producers are listening! Here’s How Steemhunt have created a decentralized application poised to win the heart of producers:

Communal criticism of hunted products: The steemhunt platform created an interactive community which gives voice to each and every member of the community, regardless of reputation. With the size of the community, it also creates a platform for people of different experiences and backgrounds to share their views on a new product with respect to their experiences and background. This provides an assessment of each product from different points of view and states possible areas of improvement and development for the producer.

suggestions on improvements: Negative criticism on every product is geared towards the aspects which the critic finds lacking in the products. By providing a platform devoid of censorship, steemhunt ensures that every single thought on a product is displayed, thus allowing the producer get valuable feedback and work on improving the product.

Test of crowd: Probably saying Proof of crowd sounds more like a blockchain term…Lol, anyways, test of crowd in this aspect entails that the new products are passed through the scrutiny of the massive crowd of technology enthusiasts who have a good knowledge of the how good technology products works and ways of making a good product awesome. Introducing the product to the general community, the product passes through series of reviews and ‘tests' with each member passing their judgement on the product.

Organic marketing: Pushing a new product to the right crowd is the mantra of marketing. Steemhunt help out producers in this aspect–for free! Hunters don’t pay to post their reviews on the platform, rather, they are rewarded for doing so, reviewers are also rewarding for sharing their thoughts, this thus drives more participation and allows more products to be discovered and hence, more and better marketing of emerging products and concepts.

      ’Turn ons' of the Steemhunt DApp


Sleek design and excellent user interface: The Steemhunt platform is designed with the most welcoming colours and layouts to suit your hunting experience, with an easy to understand design and layout, new and old hunters can easily post their reviews on a new exciting product and use the platform for every other related activities including transfer of earned tokens and sharing their thoughts on products shared by other users.

Encouraging community action: The steemhunt community creates a welcoming weather for new hunters while also encouraging already participating hunters to keep up the good work of fishing out products and sharing them to the community, with the daily review of hunts and display of best hunts for each day, every member is motivated to improve their hunting and product review skills.


Get paid for drinking coffee!: Every effort is rewarded, the hunt platform rewards every member for their participation, either for discovering and posting the new product or for sharing their thoughts on the hunted products. The hunt token is the native token of the steemhunt platform, users are able to get rewards in hunts and this can be transferred and traded at any time.

Decentralized review and censorship resistance: Once a hunt is posted on the steemhunt platform, the hunt can not be deleted from the blockchain, this also applies to the comments on each hunt, this helps to prevent censorship of any hunt and allows each view to be seen by the public, whether positive or negative.



Resistance to plagiarism: already hunted products cannot be reposted on the steemhunt platform, all links related to the product is stored on the database and is detected whenever similar links are posted, this prevents the review of the same product twice. In case of bridge of the database, moderators on the platform fish our duplicated products disapproves it.

      Turn offs of steemhunt platform

Data intensive website: Mainly due to the tons of high quality pictures and videos posted on the platform daily, the steemhunt website consumes a whole lot of data for simply loading a page and posting hunts or comments. An unusual slow loading is also experienced. While this is due to the need to provide clear pictures of the products, users also find it boring and expensive.

Short duration of review display: Each hunt is displayed on the steemhunt platform for a maximum of 48hrs, this duration of time is arguably short for the maximum participation of the members of the community, however, it also allows new products to be seen and assessed daily.

Sentiments in Hunter’s reward: While the whole management of the steemhunt DApp frowns at this and works hard to ensure that it stops, many hunters ‘Begs' other users for votes on their hunts so as to increase their rewards and chances of making it to the top hunts. While the management works hard to correct this, it is still manipulating the rewards to a noticeable extent.

Click here to sign-up to steemhunt and start hunting

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