$60, 000 up for grabs! Trade for the win! It’s Bityard’s trading competition.

By Dzoelx | Cryptocurrency Scripts | 19 Apr 2021


You’ve walked and worked round the soil of the crypto space. It feels cool being in a space as dynamic and accommodating as this! Everyone’s got enough space to fly! If you know how it goes, then you are certainly on your way to the destination! Airdrop hunting, long term investor, short term investor, regardless of which one best describes you, the crypto space gives all a home.

Here’s your home, here’s our home! Everyday is a day to shine, if you live in this space, you will surely know how best to showcase your shine. Your skills are your shines! What have you? show us! This time around, on the charts!

Watching the charts is becoming my favourite pass-time, the trends and the analysis are orgasmic! I enjoy every bit of the movement; let me guess, you do too! After studying these charts from a few hours, I trade with the trend, I guess that makes me a trader, Same as everyone!

Everyone is a trader, it’s that simple…I guess. Now, it’s time to put those skills to work!

TA expert, the lucky guy, the dip buyer; whatever your approach to crypto trading is, it’s time to compete, against the ‘best’, well that’s yourself!

In case you missed it, Bityard – your favourite spot and contract trading has announced an enticing trading competition with mind-blowing prizes to be won. Trade for the profits, trade for the win too. Like the proverbial ‘killing two birds with a stone’, it’s a win-win situation!

The Bityard trading competition features a team trading battle, form a team, join a team…whichever way you want to do it, just get involved!

INCLUSION CRITERIA: The Bityard trading competition is only available for Bityard users with a minimum of $50 in the Bityard account.




To participate in the Contest, users will be required to form a trading team or join an already existing team. Each team consist of a team leader and team members cryptocurrency contracts on Bityard. Want to be a team leader? Easy piece! simply form a team. Becoming a team member is very much easier, one only need to join an existing team.


VALIANT TACTICIAN?! Lead your team! Fill in and Submit the "Team Leader Application Form". On successful team leader application and commencement of the competition, the team leader can invite other traders to join their team.

Other traders can join any team choice, note that changing teams is impossible once a trader join. It is advised to make due considerations before joining a team.


Activity Rules


  1. This team battle only counts the transaction data of all trading pairs of Bityard cryptocurrency contracts.

  2. The top 10 teams will be ranked, ccording to the total transaction volume of contracts during the event,

  3. Total transaction volume of the team contract is the sum of the total transaction volume of the members

    Transaction amount = margin * leverage



1The total prize pool for the Team Tournament will be determined based on the total number of team members across all participating teams. The more participants there are, the higher the total prize pool will be and is capped at a maximum of 60,000USDT.


Total No. of Participants Prize Pool in USDT   1,000 5000 2,000 10000 3,000 20,000 4,000 30'000 5,000 60,000


Team rewards


  • 1st ranked team will receive 30% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT.
  • 2nd ranked team will receive 20% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT.
  • 3rd ranked team will receive10% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT.
  • 4th - 10th ranked team will receive 40% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT.


Team rewards distribution


  • Each Team leader will receive 30% of their team’s total reward.
  • The top 10 individual transaction volume contributors in each team will equally split 40% of their team’s total reward.
  • All other team members will equally split 30% of their team’s total reward.
  • Note that only team leaders and team members with 50,000USDT or more in futures trading volume during the competition period will receive a split of team rewards.


Individual reward distribution plan.


  1. 1st ranked user will receive 30% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT;
  2. 2nd ranked user will receive 20% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT;
  3. 3rd ranked user will receive 10% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT;
  4. 4th - 10th users will receive 40% of the total team ranking rewards in USDT;


Bonus Pool for Top 3 Most Popular Team Leaders

The more team traders (team members with 50,000 USDT or more trading volume during the tournament period), the better chance you have of winning one of the "Top 3 Most Popular Team Leaders" rewards. The reward structure is as follows.


1st: split 60000TRX
2nd: split 30000TRX
3rd: split 10000TRX

Team leader registration runs until 20th April 2021.

Excited? Same here! Have fun trading, and win exciting rewards for having fun! GET A BITYARD ACCOUNT, CLAIM YOUR 258 WELCOME BONUS, JOIN THE TRADING COMPETITION!

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