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By alexbiojs | Scientific | 11 Jul 2019

Hello everyone!

This is my entry for #ShowYourPortfolio contest.


I’m interested in linguistics and translation. In summer 2018 I joined Steemit. That’s when my crypto journey began. I intentionally searched for something like “decentralization blockchain translation” with Google and found out about TranslateMe.

I started a series of posts where I’d like to share my journey with that project.

That series is called “TranslateMe (or Decentralization meets Translation industry)”. This title tells you what this project is about. It’s about combining blockchain (NEO) with translation industry.

In a nutshell,

TranslateMe = Neural Machine Translation (NMT) + computing power + human input

TMN (TranslateMe Token)

is a digital, crypto-graphic, NEP-5 compatible, utility token that provides access to TranslateMe’s translation platforms

source - whitepapper on https://translateme.network/

351665157-016fc306fdc4e6cf436ffee34712842210968edf4be6fb34db28322fa29182bf.pnga) TranslateMe already has a product (more precisely MVP (minimum viable product)) -> translation solution for Telegram (Android version) (you can download it on Google Play Store).

iOS version is coming soon.

Also there’s a version for computers (so-called web-version). To my knowledge, it currently has bugs (you can find the link to it on the official web-site).

This app automatically translates the messages in the chats on Telegram (currently into 12 languages). Also you can earn TMN for your contributions there by correcting translations suggested by machine (AI) (this helps TranslateMe to improve its translation algorithm (human touch)) and leaving messages in different Telegram groups with that app activated (that helps TranslateMe to spread the word about their solutions). I guess Publish0x team could try to use it as well, if they have trouble with communication with some communities/markets (Korean/Chinese etc.).


b) And TranslateMe has https://translateme.market/ (in testing mode currently).

It’s a place for translators and clients (Freelancer Market Place). Docs submitted there will be initially translated by machine and then corrected by translators (who will be paid with crypto and PayPal (at least)).

To my knowledge, global freelancing platforms like Upwork cut up to 20-25% of translator's profits. This is going to be different with TranslateMe. And there should be lower risk for translators/clients to be cheated on TranslateMe solution.



What I want to say is that TranslateMe already has something you can use/test.

I’m not TranslateMe expert, but to my knowledge the ultimate goal is to create an API (application programming interface) powered by distributed computing, blockchain and human touch.

This API could be used by any online web-service to provide translation service in real-time.

I believe in that case the sky would be the limit for TMN price.

Even Publish0x could try to use it. Imagine that you write your message in the comments section under my post, and your message automatically gets translated into Japanese or any other language (so that everyone could communicate there (in the comments section) no matter what language they speak (or whether or not they know English)).


What’s cool about TranslateMe is that their solutions (like many other solutions on the web) will help to preserve languages. Also they could serve as educational materials. But in my opinion they shouldn’t be abused. I mean, it’s not a good idea to always rely solely on machines. Use/train your brain as well.

There’re more than 7,110 languages spoken across the globe (according to Ethnologue).

We're losing about one language a week, and by some estimates, half
of the world's languages will be gone in the next hundred years.

Lera Boroditsky

It’s important to preserve languages, because those languages shape the way we think.

As I said in one of the posts of the series mentioned above, “The more languages you know, the more flexible your way of thinking is, the more chances you have to solve your problems”.

Also you might be surprised that “Languages Are Still a Major Barrier to Global Science”.

Indeed a lot of scientists don’t know English, and that Freelancer Market Place could help to solve this problem by facilitating translation process of scientific materials (thus helping humanity).

It’s scientific data what is closer to reality.


Final thoughts

I’ve invested into TMN in June 2019 and hold them, because TranslateMe (in my opinion) is one of those rare projects where people could see enough motivation to contribute even without those tokens (for the idea).

Another reason is expressed very well by one of the Reddit users in the

“A good interview with our founder from TranslateMe Network” post

"Hardware connected to our network will serve as a distributed machine that handles tasks related to machine translation, which reduces costs to the end user by 90%"

The nugget of gold at the core of the TranslateMe solution

Also (to my knowledge) TranslateMe TMN holders will be rewarded with 4.5% bonus (4.5 of their holdings) each year (this peace of information needs to be checkd more carefully), and users who provide their hardware for TranslatoMe also will be rewarded with TMN.

And I believe that it’s words what is the most powerful “weapon” on the face of the Earth. Wars usually happen on the paper in the first place, because people misunderstand each other. And it’s great to me to support any solution which helps to improve communication.

And, finally, I’ve invested because I believe that TMN price is not going to go to the Moon. In fact, it’s going to go to Mars (literally (well, at least its name))…



(Scheduled Departure – July, 2020. Btw, you can try to send to Mars your name as well. For instruction on "Send you name to Mars" initiative go to https://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/mars2020/faq)


Well, there’s no project on the Earth without a team.

You can talk with TranslateMe team members on their Telegram app.

They are polite and usually answer your questions very quickly and professionally.

What's good about that team is that its members are brave enough to not only tell/inform their audience about their achievemnts but also about their mistakes.

In other words, just like blockchain is supposed to be something transparent, TranslateMe team tries to be transparent as well.

I guess this post is already quite long, and if you want to get some additional info on this project, then I suggest you to read my two posts of “TranslateMe (or Decentralization meets Translation industry)” series (you will find all the links to TranslateMe Medium, Twitter, official web-site… there):

TranslateMe (or Decentralization meets Translation industry). Introduction

TranslateMe (or Decentralization meets Translation industry). Part 1. TranslateMe Chat App (Help to preserve languages, break language barriers and be rewarded with TMN)


Also you can check some recent posts about TranslateMe:

What Makes TranslateMe Network a Project Worth Investing in?

TranslateMe Network - a neat project with a very real use case

TranslateMe Is Set To Disrupt $45 Billion Translation Industry With Blockchain And AI


Do not consider any information given in this post as financial advice.

Thanks for your time, and let me know what you think about this project.

All images (without the license specified) are used under the doctrine known in USA as "Fair Use" (similar doctrines are used in other countries). For more information visit the US Gov website.

PS: wondering if we can write on PublishOx only in English these days or we can publish our posts here in other languages as well

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