Publish0x Nominated for "The Noonies 2020" Award (held by Hacker Noon). Vote!

By alexbiojs | Scientific | 16 Aug 2020

Publish0x has been nominated (well, by me) (and approved) for "The Noonies 2020" Award for "Social Network of the Year" category.

Now, I understand that Publish0x is more like a blogging platform rather than a social network, but anyway.

I like Publish0x, just like many other users in here. So, I guess the more exposure, the better.

If you think that Publish0x-related initiatives/aspects or people (or any other projects/people you like) can be nominated for other nominations, then please, nominate them.

Anyone can nominate.

Note that

When can I vote?
Voting starts on August 13th and ends on October 12th, 2020. People can vote once per day per award.



As for the Prize,

What do the winners get?
Street cred, a sense of making a difference in the world. Winners will also receive a 5 year standard registration for a .tech domain.
The 1st and 2nd runner-ups get a standard .tech domains for 3-yr and 1-yr respectively.


For more info, go to

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