Zinc on Wheat

Scientists Put Zinc on Bread Wheat to Solve Zinc Deficiency

By Jjpn47 | Sci-J | 17 Jul 2020

A study published in the Agronomy Journal has found that spraying Zinc on Wheat leaves increases the zinc content of the plant.

Zinc in wheat

Which aims to help the 17.3 percent of people worldwide with Zinc Deficiency, a proper content of Zinc every day.

Using a process called Biofortification (where plants are breed to increase their nutritional value), agronomic particles and Biotechnology the research effectively increase their zinc content on the Wheat.

The study is conducted by comparing the effect between spraying zinc sulfate on the heading once and spraying zinc sulfate twice at the heading and flowering.

Zinc Sulfate

(That's not salt it is Zinc Sulfate.)

It showed that spraying Zinc in the flowering is necessary to produce the Zinc concentration that nutritionists prescribed (40 mg kg-¹.)

Besides, that the Zinc Content marginally increased by 35-93 percent however an economic analysis showed that the 1st test yields -1 USD while the second test 13 USD.

The researchers suggest that incentives such as government payouts must be put into place for farmers to adapt this method.

In terms of safety Zinc Sulfate is safe to use, infact it is use as medication for Zinc deficiency.

(I tried reaching out for other questions  but they redirected me to the research paper, no quotes today.)

Original News release  from Eureka Alert:


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