Disney Princesses (Digital Art)

By Eili | Inspire and Love | 30 Jul 2020

Hi! It's another day to spread some inspiration and love.

Today I want to show you some of my art. If you've seen my posts "You're Not A Princess" and "Keep Moving", then you might notice that the cover I used there is Disney Princess Belle and Red Riding Hood. Actually, those art are based on the live action film of Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood.

Emma Watson as Belle

This one is based on Emma Watson who portrayed Belle on the live action film of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Honestly, I already made this art even before I made my article "You Are Not A Princess".

Usually, you only make a cover after you finished your article since you will base that on the content of your writing. However on my part, it was the opposite. I based that article on this art and I think it ended up pretty nice.

Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood

This one is based on Amanda Seyfried who acted as Red Riding Hood on its live action film. Same with Belle, I made this art first before I even thought about the content of my "Keep Moving" article.

I think for me it is much effective that I make the covers first before I could create an article since I usually refer to that so I would know what would be my article about. I actually did the same thing before when I planned on making a series of stories. I made the covers first before the story line. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue that plan, so what's left with me are just the art covers. 😢

Anyways, Belle and Red Riding Hood along with this art which I had used as my profile picture here before is inspired by Elle Fanning who acted as Aurora in the Maleficent movie.

Elle Fanning as Aurora

These three are not yet that polished since they are my first attempts, but I am already practicing again so hopefully I can show you a better art than these. Although of course I still believe these ones turned out nice since I gave an effort in doing these. ❤

Have a nice day and always keep safe!

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Inspire and Love
Inspire and Love

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