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By Schleiff | Schleiff | 19 Jul 2020

Hi everyone,

I write this to let you know that you can earn crypto by using your phone. It don't take a lot of time because you can use it while you're in the bus, in toilets, or just bored. I use those apps daily. In those app you can earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, StormX. If you just want to earn Bitcoin you can exchange them in Binance.

I'll talk about 4 of them. 

Cointiply is an app where you earn coins that will be exchange in Bitcoin. You can each hour claim their faucet (22 - 280 coins), watch videos (12 coins), viewing PTC ads (5 to 50 coins per Ads), doing a lot of surveys, doing offers. While you doing that you will earn coins. You will need 50.000 coins for withdraw them to Bitcoin wallet or 30.000 coins for a DOGE wallet. It seems a lot but it goes pretty fast.

This app let you claim their faucet every hour, going for 101 to 100.000 Litoshi. Every hour you have two chances to spin the faucet. If you want more you have to watch ads. You can also earn more Litoshi by doing surveys. I advice you to just doing your two chances because you will spend time to watch ads (30sec) and sometime it is not worth it. Their withdraw your claim every Tuesday, you have to have a minimum of 100.000 litoshi. They will sent them to your exchange wallet. Free to you to change them to Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB or what you want. It seems like you don't win a lot but it's free and it don't take time because you will not watch ads. Each week in win between 100.000 to 250.000 litoshi.

This is the same app than the Free Litecoin one. Except that you earn Bitcoin Cash. You use the same trick, you don't watch ads. You have to earn 10.000 satoshi to withdraw your Bitcoin Cash. Every Tuesday they send it to your exchange wallet. I earn between 10.000 - 25.000 satoshi per week.

- Earn by shopping online

So the app can be installed into your phone (Android and IOS) or available in the Chrome Web Store. The app have some partnership with some company like Ebay, Alibaba, Nike (For East Asia), Razer, Acer and many others.They announce new partnership on their twitter (@stormxio).

When you buy with those company you get up to 1% - 15% of crypto back.

You can earn more depending on STMX token you get. If you hold more than 3.000 STMX in your wallet you get additional 25% crypto back, it is bronze benefits. The silver benefits you can get additional 50% crypto back, for that you need 31.000 STMX token in your wallet. The gold benefits are an additional 100% crypto back, you will need 310k STMX token. They are more benefits if you hold more token with much higher additional crypto back.

- Earn by playing games/offers

You can get "bolts" by playing games. In the play section of the app, a lot of tasks give you mission in games, going to just install the game up till reach a specific level in game. It is very easy and it let you play games and it pays you.

- Watch videos

This task won't let you gain a lot but if you have some spare time it is okay. Each 30 minutes, you can watch a video that will let you gain 500 bolts.

You will earn StormX token who is listed at Binance, but if you want you can exchange them for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai or Litecoin. You have to earn 200.000 "bolts" to withdraw. You get payed to play games :)

It is a great app, i'm looking forward for them. You can use my invitation code : EL70YT7H - You will get reward like me :)

I invite you to check the article i made about the App.

To conclude, i recommand you to use those 4 apps, it don't take a lot of time and if you want to make some free sats without investment it one of option.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and have fun,




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