MyCointainer & - giveaway $8,000 CRO!

By Scarlet Black | | 4 Apr 2021

To celebrate partnership with the CRO team, MyContainer is giving away over $8,000 CRO in prizes.
And you can obtain your bonus by participating in stake duration ($3,000 CRO) or stake volume ($5,000 CRO).

Start Date: 1/04/2021
End Date: 1/06/2021

MyCointainer is a site, where you can holding your crypto and get rewards everyday. There is a really wide selection of cryptocurrencies to choose from and the interest rates are very high.

But how to collect bonuses with CRO?
All it takes are a few simple steps to participate and earn bonuses.

Create an account
Log in or sign up on the MyCointainer platform. Then fill out a simple form to take part in the event.

Start staking coins
Simply deposit CRO coins to your MyCointainer wallet. The longer you keep your coins, the more you earn.

Enjoy your bonuses
We will add your bonus to your wallet based on the duration and volume of staking.

More details can be found on the website.


I will add from myself, that it is worth visiting the application:, where you can currently receive a bonus of $25 CRO.


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