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C'mon Google Play! This is a fake app! Not the real Atomic Wallet!

By Derpitor | Scam Alerts | 19 Aug 2020

I find it sad that Google Play has allowed this app on the store for nearly a month now.  It even seems the "developer" of this app are now having fun with the fact that they STILL haven't been pulled.


The app in question is called: Atomic Wallet of course!

fake atomic


If you look at the details for the app it shows it was released on July 20, almost a FULL month ago!  I have personally reported it multiple times over the past month and I know of a lot of others who have too but for some reason the app remains.  Even the scum publisher of the app is poking fun at that fact as you can see from the reviews:


reviews of fake atomic


Looks to me that Google needs to do some reviewing of its Play Store policies.  If you read this quick blurb I posted please spend a few minutes to report this app before anybody else gets scammed by it!

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Scam Alerts
Scam Alerts

I am hopeful to make users aware of some of the scams that are occurring in the crypto space.

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