Alien Worlds - Workaround for CPU Error when you actually have enough CPU!

By SBenbow | SBenbow | 21 Jul 2021

We have all had the "Out Of CPU Error" message on Alien Worlds from time to time


But what if you know you have enough CPU?  You have checked on your cloud wallet, and on, and your CPU is nowhere near the limit.  Sometimes it can just be a bit "buggy" in the game. 

However, the game is just the front end.  There is a way to resolve this using the blockchain.

1) Mine

Just mine again as normal.

Complete your mining.

Click on "Claim" as normal.



2) WAX Cloud Wallet popup

When the transaction request popup appears from Wax Cloud Wallet you will need to click on "show details"


Highlight and copy your "nonce" number (or write it down, but copying and pasting is a lot easier!)



3) Head over to

Go to and log in.

Go to

This is the m.federation account where you can update your AW settings on the blockchain.  This one takes you to the "mine" contract.  You may already be familiar with the "setbag" contract if you want to use mulitple tools of the same type to mine (e.g. three shovels).



Enter your wax ID (XXX.WAM) into the miner field, and past the nonce number into the nonce field.  Hit submit.  Done.

You may want to delete the cache on your web browser just in case of any latent files, but you should be good to go.


Thanks go to the AW team and their google docs document that I found after searching around for quite a while on the internet.  Hopefully this makes t quicker for you if you have the same problem!

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