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By GenyaMurata | Savedroid Crypto App | 16 Oct 2019

Welcome everyone to my blog. I hope you will find it interesting.

It has been a while now since Savedroid released it's cryptosaving app. Savedroid conducted and finished its ICO on the 1st semester of 2018. Then months after, the team released its product with is the crypto app which you can download in playstore if you are an android user or appstore if you are an apple device user. Savedroid is the smartest, most convenient, and safest way for your crypto savings to fulfil your smaller and bigger wishes. The app provide easy access to cryptocurrencies for everyone – absolutely no crypto exchange signup, wallet setup, and private key handling required.

Let's go and download the said app and take a look inside. I have explored the app and found the UI very user friendly. You can setup your own wish and Smoove without any guides but in case you are having a difficulty, I'm here to help you :)

1. Downloading and Installing the App

First things first, download the app from playstore ( or appstore ( and install it to your device.


2. Registration

Open the app and register your email address, get the code from your email and input into the app. You can also just click the confirmation link iniside the email that you received.


3. Setting up Your Wish

Once you are inside the app, we can now create our Wish. You may select between various different categories:

  • Travel
  • Winter ski trip
  • Car
  • Gadgets
  • Events
  • Home
  • Gift
  • Shopping
  • iPhone
  • playstation
  •  Create your own


In my own app, I have created a wish under home as I wanted to purchase a 4K Television in the near future.

After selecting a category, you need to name your Wish. In my case, I have named it "4K Television"


Then indicate how much your Wish costs.


Then you need to put a due date for your Wish to be achieved.


And we're done creating our Wish


4. Setting up Smoove

Once done creating your Wish, we need now to create a Smoove which is the saving rule. “Smoove” is short for “smart saving move”. These are actions available in the app that you set-up following ‘if-then’ logic, and will trigger your money-saving. Ideally, your Smooves are connected to your Wishes, so they can dedicatedly save for your goals.

You may select between various kinds of smooves.

  • When you use  your phone...
  • When you do sports...
  • If the weather during the day is...
  • When you are at a location...
  • When there is a new tweet...
  • When a unicorn...
  • If you have your own cool ideas...


In my own app, I have created a Smoove under "When you use your phone..."

I have set it up like this, when I use my Spotify app for more than  1 hour then the app will save 2 euro each time.


Once you are done creating a Smoove, don't forget to connect it to your newly created Wish.

Once all of the above is done, the app will automatically ask you to connect your credit card which is where the funds will be coming from.

If you do that, savedroid will give you a 5 euro reward. Isn't that cool?


Or you may also opt to do it later once you have saved at least 10 euro.


Now that we are done creating a Wish and have connected a Smoove, you can review it on the Wish tab.



Congratulations! The Savedroid app will now save for your wish automatically according to the Smoove you have setup.

Stay tuned next time as I explore more about this amazing saving app.


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Savedroid Crypto App
Savedroid Crypto App

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