DOGE or DODGY? - Big dogs in the Cryptoworld

By Soneghet | SONEGUECKO | 11 May 2021

Well, for the small investors out there, be aware...
It's a fact that the big hype in the crytpo world in the last year is being great for lots of people, especially for whom has been investing in Altcoins, DeFI, new projects, etc. Although, it's always important to remind ourselves that the cryptocurrency market can also be easily manipulated and speculated by the big financial tigers out there.
The latest rumours out there - A bank director in the London division of Goldman Sachs became a millionaire after investing in Dogecoin.
There are lots of social media reports roaming around the web, claiming that, the white collar executive mentioned above has significantly profited from his investments in cryptocurrency and left his job at the bank so to enjoy his delightful retirement 

We are talking about a dude called Aziz McMahon, former managing director and head of sales for emerging markets at Goldman Sachs.

According to information shared on Twitter, McMahon was influenced by our already well known crypto supporter, Elon Musk (specially on DOGE)

Apparently, the managing director saw his equity increase more than 72 times between the beginning of January and the end of last week.

The rumour has not been officially confirmed by McMahon or by any official Goldman Sachs report. Although, it has not been denied either. However, many sources out there informed the world that, close friends and co-workers confirmed that the executive had left the company for an early retirement.

Seems like he was also following the steps from the model and actress Mia Khalifa. There are also reports that the actress may also have significantly profited from the hyper valuation of DOGE, showing that Aziz McMahon was not the only one to make a fortune with Dogecoin and Elon's advises.
Khalifa herself, publicly revealed back in January, that she has significantly invested in Dogecoin. At the time, Khalifa implied that her decision was motivated by Musk's constant recommendations.

Well, the beautiful model did not specify the exact amount of DOGE she bought, although the crypto has exploded in value since then. Today, approximately just over three months after the purchase, it can be estimated that Mia has possibly profited more than 1100%, if we consider that she didn't get rid of her precious tokens by now. 

So it's clearly notorious how the influence of big dogs can affect the market. The Tesla mogul isn't just regularly bumping the price of Dogecoin. Elon Musk seems to be looking into ideas of exploring alternative uses for the profits made from the DOGE market speculation.

Yesterday, the 'Wanna Go To Mars Spaceman' announced on Twitter that his space company will launch the SpaceX Doge-1 lunar mission next year. And guess what? The satellite will be fully funded with DOGE. The launch of the lunar mission is serious and aims to attract more people to invest in cryptocurrencies. The venture for this project is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2022. 
They also informed that the lunar mission will be executed in partnership with Geometric Energy Corporation and will, obviously use a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX.
Well, now is also a matter of us being hopeful that these big players won't suddenly decide to sell their tokens all at once.

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