Saturn DEX - How to use guide

Saturn DEX - How to use guide

By QuantumFlux | Saturn Exchange | 21 Mar 2020

Guide on how to use the Saturn Exchange


If you are using MetaMask to trade Ethereum tokens on Saturn Exchange, before proceeding any further you will need to approve a connection to our website. This is because MetaMask now enables their privacy mode by default, which means before you can interact with any dApp you have to approve it in your settings.




How to Approve website in MetaMask?

Do not worry if this happens, you can approve their website in a matter of seconds. First open the Settings section:

how to approve a website in your dapp browser


Use Connections to Approve your MetaMask account   Then   metamask-connect.png  

Once that is done refresh your browser and you will see that you can immediately proceed with completing your trade or creating your new order

logo_saturn-network_a27fb80c6ac2bdca28a6aac65d249a4a242e986a956118a7e11403959f3ba597_opti.png Now let’s buy a token on Saturn

  1. Let’s go to :


Click on trade now.


2. Now find the cheapest order



3. Fill in how much ETH you wanna spend and click on Exchange now



4. A metamask window will pop up and click Confirm


5. Now this window will pop up, wait t’ill transaction is complete and your DONE!


You just bought crypto!

I hope this tutorial is helpful for everybody.

Happy trading and remember always DYOR –> Do your own research



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Saturn Exchange
Saturn Exchange

Their trading platform is a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ERC20 or ERC223 tokens.

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