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BakR_D0mains MoleculART NFT Results from DSC Burn 3/6/22

By SirLRonHODLer | Sats and Shills | 24 Mar 2022

BakR_D0mains had an exciting round of MoleculART NFT testing last weekend! I would like to report the results below. 

Three (3) different NFT series were tested: A CRISPR View (cas), Cannabinoid Receptor (cb1), and Prime Time (taq). 


Results of the CRISPR/Cas9 series are:

Results of the Cannabinoid Receptor series are:

Taq series

Results of the Taq polymerase series (new drop) are:

In summary, two (2) CRISPR/Cas9 NFTs were burned and six (6) Taq polymerase NFTs were minted with limited editions.

DSC Testing is a unique event for BakR_D0mains. Our MoleculART is released with three different levels - level A, level B, and level C - and each level has a denaturing temperature - 65 °C, 85 °C, and 95 °C, respectively. If we spin the Wheel of Names and land on a number higher than the melting temperature of that NFT, then 1/2 of the unsold NFTs get burned. Also, if 100 °C is reached on any testing, the entire experiment is destroyed due to a lab accident and all NFTs are burned. This gives the BakR_D0mains community a random timeframe to collect NFTs at various levels, with the knowledge that the supply will always decrease to zero on the primary market. 

BakR_D0mains is a verified Tezos collection on the following marketplaces:

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