Why The Dip(s)?

By SatoshiConomy | SatoshiConomy | 11 Dec 2021

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Why The Dip(s)? December 2021 Crypto Market Status
In a couple words, "massive manipulation." Whales will manipulate.  Even though today's total global crypto market cap is @ $2.4 Trillion, it's a guppy compared to the monstrous estimated values in global real estate, futures, derivatives and others. So the crypto market is more susceptible to wider swings in value than the larger markets.

So "Why The Dip(s)?" Clearly, whales are manipulating. There are structural differences in today's crypto market compared to 2017, largely due to the vast increase of institutional investing since June, 2020. Online metrics in this industry's open, public ledger track movements of large wallets.
Another major structural difference marking today's crypto market compared to four years ago is the vast increase of coding and developer activity doing massive work of man-hour labor to innovate and launch brand new digital industries barely even spoken of four years ago...literally providing new use-cases for investors to invest in. The landscape of new digital financial products through smart contracts, NFTs, yield farming, staking, Play2Earn, gaming and more has boomed since 2017. Can you say, "Nuanced, nascent, embryonic?"

In other words, this is still, and will be for quite a while yet, The Wild West of opportunity.  So despite historic up-side potential and amazing and world-changing work being done by some of the world's best and brightest, with this comes a lot of whale manipulation, scammers, opportunists, rug pulls, bad actors. BEWARE!!!

Since June 2020, there's been a steady, consistent flow of capital from institutional investors into Bitcoin and many other projects.  Some of the big players:

*The Ukraine
*El Salvador
*...to name a few

And new industries?  Add these to your hashtag list:
*layer1, layer 2s, layer 3s
*Bored Ape avatars
*yield farming
*smart contrtacts
*...and the list grows with every day
So "Why The Dip(s)?" Clearly it's manipulation which, if you don't believe it, well, you're being manipulated straight up. (i'm not gonna discuss the notion of inflation here, except just enter the three words, "inflation, transitory, Powell" into your browser if you're a late-comer.

So Why The Dip(s)? Then there's the issue of the timing of media reports on dollar performance and the global Black Swan saga if you know what i mean...

Last word...This is still a bull market.  The all-time-highs expected in December 2021 by those who hold to the past historic Bitcoin Halving cycles will not happen in December this year.  The main reasons are that (#1) much more institutional investing than previous cycles which is a catalyst for much different market factors to consider as compared to four years ago, and (#2) there are flat out many more projects and innovations that have come on to the market which also serve as catalysts to new factors in the overall Crypto market.  Both of these facts will elongate what was a popular projection for Crypto all-time-highs in December 2021.  We're still in a bull market, and new all time highs are yet to be seen after the Holiday sell-off.  Yet no one knows the future but The Market.  All The Best! 

i wish you well, i wish you wealth, i wish you health, and until next time, Peace!

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Bitcoin, NFT & Web3 Curator Since 2015. Free Consults. No Sponsor...Bias Is Mine Only. #LoveAllServeOthers

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