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The Greatest Financial Opportunity In The History Of Mankind

By SatoshiConomy | SatoshiConomy | 29 Nov 2021

In 2030, what will you say about the:  Greatest Financial Opportunity In The History Of Mankind? Bitcoin, Cryptos, and now #Play2Earn is on the cutting edge of the latest (Layer 3) innovations on top of the internet blockchain technology which is taking the internet by storm.

Globally, gaming boasts 2 BILLION+ users, and it's taking over the internet, and Cryptos are taking over the gaming industry via "layer 3 solutions," (which could partly be described as virtual test labs for the metaverse playground).  Layer 3 solutions are integrating & innovating new features to enhance the gaming entertainment experience drastically, while creating economic virality & monetary earning opportunities by leaps & bounds for both the end user/participant/gamer, but especially for early investors in successful projects.  Simply put:  Quality, futuristic technology, entertainment value, interoperability and monetary opportunity are going through the roof, or should i say...through the galaxy?

This is made possible by the internet, where as an internet protocol, essentially you can't see, touch, taste, hear or smell anything.  This innovation and value proposition is something millennials and zillennials understand, while Baby Boomers are left in their "fog" about it.

The digital innovation of money birthed by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3, 2009 has birthed absolutely the greatest financial opportunity in the history of Mankind.😎 Bitcoin and other projects enable unconfiscatable internet property rights.  Property rights are the foundation for prosperity, and property rights which cannot be stolen are absolutely a reality which has never existed before in history.

Unconfiscatable property rights are the foundation for prosperity, and prosperity is the foundation for generational wealth.

So i implore you to think about this opportunity for what it is foundationally, (prosperity and freedom) and what this will and could mean for you and your loved ones by the year 2030.  And act now...

In 2021, most people still believe the mainstream narratives such as:

*cryptos are for criminals
*cryptos are for money laundering
*illicit activity
*it consumes too much energy (Yet Bitcoin's mining scheme is actually provably the most monetarily efficient use of electrical energy by far in history)
*it's too volatile
*it can be easily hacked
*it's not proven
*it's gambling
*it's a Ponzi scheme
*it's not worth anything or backed by anything.

But whenever i ask anyone who believes these negative narratives:
*what is the double-spend problem?...crickets
*how many bitcoin will there ever be?...crickets
*what is true scarcity?...crickets

So from a foundational reasoning as to why or why not be interested in Bitcoin and Cryptos, they are absolutely clueless, and havn't looked into it much past the lamestream mainstream media headlines or what they hear "at the water-cooler."

But only those who courageously brave an open-minded, self-thinking discovery of both sides of the story will be the only ones who begin to understand what this history-changing monetary phenomena is all about.

In 2030, what will YOU say about The Greatest Financial Opportunity In The History Of Mankind?

Here's some keywords, names or Youtube channels worthy of study:

*Robert Breedlove and his "What Is Money?" Youtube on the "Saylor Series," or the "Booth Series." This here alone is 30-40 hours of the most valuable, sound and objective teaching and learning available in all The Interwebs on "what is money," and a First Principles approach to studying the science of learning about anything.
*Michael Saylor
*Jameson Lopp...Cypherpunk
*Aantonop...for Andreas Antonopoulos Youtube
*Real Vision Youtube
*Simon Dixon Youtube
*Max Keiser Youtube
*Trace Mayer google him and Youtube
*Eric Vorhees google him and Youtube
*Economics In One Lesson:
*Plot 11 Youtube
*Elliotrades Youtube
*Eric Krown Crypto Youtube
*Alex Becker Youtube
*Coin Bureau Youtube
*Dan Held on LinkedIn, Twitter & Youtube
*Bruce Bates on LinkedIn
*Crypto WendyO Youtube

Please consider this opportunity from the viewpoint of an open mind.  Our minds work like a parachute:  It works better when it's open...Because this is without question The Greatest Financial Opportunity In The History Of Mankind.

I wish you well, i wish you wealth, i wish you health, and until next time, Peace!
SatoshiConomy donates 100% of profits to charity or green-energy projects enabling off-grid lifestyles.


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Bitcoin NFT & Web3 Curator Since 2015. Free Consults. No Sponsor...Bias Is Mine Only. #LoveAllServeOthers


Bitcoin, NFT & Web3 Curator Since 2015. Free Consults. No Sponsor...Bias Is Mine Only. #LoveAllServeOthers

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