Dogecoin, the biggest bubble of all time... and someone to blame for this.

By Samuray | Samuray | 4 May 2021

I see many people that never invested in anything buying dogecoin for the unique purpose to be rich .This coin became the newest trend since Elon Musk twitted about that, but its dangerous if you are too late to buy it.

How a meme became more valuable than giant companies, like twitter where this bubble trend started?
How a meme became more valuable than amazing crypto projects like Cardano?
There is no logic behind buying dogecoin other than selling higher tomorrow.

The logic says it will burst when hits 1 dolar.The 1 dolar mark is the absolute price, many people will realize their profits and the FUD ( Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) will take place...Dont be late, because it will fall in minutes, probably 50% loss in less than a hour.If tou have dogecoin, use stop loss , if tou dont...dont risk your money right now.

Besides all that, Will Elon Musk pay for the pain and panic he is causing?No, but the poor people who where too late to buy will.We who invest in other cryptos will pay this price too, all the market may fall and the regulation, even the banishment of crypto in many countries may take place.If you lose your investments, be read to blame musk!

The question now is, when it will fall?
I am not dogecoin hater, but we are seeing the biggest bubble of all time,



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