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My 1st podcast episode was about bitcoin.

In December 2019, I started my own podcast. I was always told I have a face for radio and decided to take that as a compliment and make a career out of it. 

The first episode I talk about BITCOIN

On the first episode, I decided to talk about Bitcoin. At the time I had already been learning about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for about a year, maybe a little more, and I was itching to talk about it and let everyone know my thoughts. Click here to listen to the full episode

I talked about how I think everyone should be getting into crypt because it's the future. Not like a universal currency, but I do think it's going to become an integral part of our society in the future. 

I do have to make a quick note and say that I erroneously say Twitter owns cash app on the episode, but Twitter does not own cash app, it was just started by the same people. 

Security is a big issue 

I also talk about security. Security seems to be a big concern of people outside of the crypto space, and rightfully so, I understand their concerns. While I don't know the answer to security issues, I'm going to educate myself and document it. That's going to make for some interesting future posts so make sure you follow me. 

I suppose that's going to be a huge factor in the coin wars, whichever one is safest. 

I also mention the COIN WARS on the podcast episode

Just like the .com wars of the 90s and early 2000s, every market has had a battle for the dominant king. Facebook is winning the social media wars although lately they seem like they're losing a lot of that ground they had in the lead. Google won the search engine war. In every market there is usually one big, large dominant player, and a ton of average players. 

Currently priced at $33k at the time of me writing this, Bitcoin is clearly winning the war for now, although I do mention in the episode that it doesn't mean it will be the leader forever. 

Start accepting crypto payments now

If that isn't obvious by now, think about the fact that I've been mentioning this for over a year. Yes, I mention that in the episode too (I'm kinda just typing the episode out as I'm listening to it). 

I've been telling you to accept crypto payments for over a year now. If you're a member of the publish0x community, then you probably already know how to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Since I do share these articles on my social media, and a lot of the people who follow me do not know much about cryto, that's also going to make for some fire content coming up. 

I also talk about the price of bitcoin when I started, and I do remember it being at $4,000 when I first started learning about it. 

It has been quite a wild ride to say the least. 

Cryptocurrency will help underdeveloped and hurting economies

The main reason I got into cryptocurrencies, is the potential they have for helping hurting and underdeveloped economies. 

I was talking to my dad and my nephew about the current COVID situation in Mexico, how they're not really helping their citizens much, the country is just shut down, and they're not receiving government help. Within minutes of us talking, they could see how Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) could help in that situation. 

And that's just one example, imagine all the thousands of micro-economies that could benefit from the cryptocurrency monster.  

To learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, try one of these four apps, and click here to listen to the podcast episode

That's all I have for you today. I don't want this to be another blog you read once and forget about, so if you enjoyed the article, please leave your thoughts in a comment and share with your friends to invite them to join the conversation. 

I just saw the price of btc went up above 34k as I'm getting ready to publish, so lets take this bad boy to the moon.

Happy Trading!

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Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers
Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

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