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By esmartunlimited | Sam Atilola | 2 Feb 2021

I got into crypto by accident in 2017 and at that time I knew nothing much about it. After some times of not being able to figure out how it works, I abandoned it.

But today, I can categorically say that cryptocurrency platform is one of the best if not the best thing that has happened to humanity.

It has given millions of people financial freedom and made multibillionaires effortlessly. It is arguably not out of place to say that the faceless Satoshi Nakamoto is a great man!

The awareness of crypto these days should not be overlooked. It is something to take serious if you so mush desire to be financially free and have control over your money in a decentralized economy where you investment and have control over the bull and bear seasons 24/7; unlike stocks where you have to depend on brokers to act on your behalf. God forbid the bear or bull viz-a-viz happens on a bank holiday or weekend.

With crypto, it’s time to break free and take back your time and live that dream life of yours.

Now, let me share with you a trade I did on 18-12-2020. See the trade history screenshot below.


I traded Pancake CAKE/BNB peer.

Then, 1CAKE = 0.01393BNB, so I bought 215.4CAKES @0.01393BNB each. Which means 215.4x0.01393 = 3.000522BNB.

At that time, 1BNB = 30.8007USDT (USDT is fiat and a stable coin i.e. $1=1USDT).

Doing a little calculation, 3.000522BNB x 30.8007USDT = $92.418 appx.

That is on 18th December, 2020, I bought 215.4CAKE at $92.418 representing $0.429 per CAKE

Now, let’s check what the market is saying today. 

1CAKE = $2.64 and if you do the maths, 215.4CAKE x $2.64 = $568.656.

Hence, my investment of $92.418 (44days) has given me a ROI of $431.004 (515.31% profit)

This is just one of such trades I have done and effortlessly gaining positive ROIs.

However, note that crypto platform is not a ‘’get-rich-quick’’ platform. You must be ready to learn, follow and understand fundamental principles guiding it.

With right information, nothing is impossible.

What crypto will do to you is just the side you allow it to treat you.

Don’t sleep on it. Money is evolving.


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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This article reflects my opinion only. It is not to be considered financial advice. Kindly do your research before investing your money. 

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Sam Atilola

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