The Best Free Crypto Earning Platforms Ranked: From Coinbase Earn to Lolli (2020 Latest)

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 14 Jan 2020

Crypto earning is an integral part of the decentralized ecosystem. It is arguably the most progressive method of integrating new people into the decentralized economy. However, which earn free cryptocurrency platform is the chosen one? With a variety of ways to earn free cryptocurrency, it can be difficult to choose the best options.

More people are drawn into blockchain, and its supporting technologies through the incentives provided by these platforms. Further, the opportunity to earn passive income in the troubling economic times globally is an allure many cannot resist.

Growth in the decentralized economy may help revitalize the global economy through the numerous applications of blockchain technology. More industries stand to gain from the implementation of blockchain.

Now, among the existing crypto earning platforms, some exceed expectations. This article discusses the best crypto earning platforms in operation. Because there are several good platforms, this article will also highlight the best platform among the best.

The Best Crypto Earning Platforms are as follows:

Coinbase Earn

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At the top spot is Coinbase Earn, a platform that has remained dedicated to its objectives since its inception and right now the most popular earn platform for users.  

The platform may be the youngest on our list.

It also utilizes the ‘earn while you learn’ system previously mentioned. For Coinbase Earn, earning while learning is the main form of earning free crypto.

The platform features select cryptocurrencies that upload their video training lessons on the platform. Users who complete these lessons are then rewarded.

The crypto earned will depend on the selection of the user. Currently, there are only four different cryptocurrencies with their videos on Coinbase earn. Therefore, users can only pick from these four cryptocurrencies.

Stellar Lumens, ZCash, Basic Attention Token, and Ox (ZRX) are the only featured cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Earn is part of the larger Coinbase outfit, meaning it can be used to serve a greater purpose in the industry. Therefore, the platform needs to improve on certain aspects to grow beyond its limits.

Despite its challenges, Coinbase Earn is still one of the safest ways to earn free crypto. It is trusted by many beginning crypto traders giving it an upper hand in the crypto battle. Its popularity and service earn it a spot on our list.


Coinbase Earn, Lolli Bitcoin, Publish0x, Brave Browser, Earn Free cryptocurrency platforms, earn free crypto

The platform was formed to help mitigate the problem of data privacy that was increasing hand in hand with technological development. Instars went into the data industry to try and mitigate data privacy problems from its cause. The platform also wanted to ensure that compensation for data is being made to the right people.

With these objectives, Instars rolled out its features that showed its understanding of the market.

Its leading feature is the Instars Survey, where users earn free crypto from filling out surveys hosted on the platform. The surveys are created by data consumers who then attach the crypto earnings to their surveys. Once the survey is filled, the users are credited with the stated number of crypto.

The platform then added more crypto earning options and other supportive features to make it streamlined. One of the supportive features added is the Instars Wallet, which is a storage facility for the cryptocurrency earned on the platform. With Instars Wallet, users would not have to worry about the storage of their earned cryptocurrency.

Other interesting methods to earn free crypto on the platform include:

  • Receipt Capture

Users of the platform can earn cryptocurrency by capturing images of their receipts and uploading them on the platform. Currently, Instars is rewarding receipts from popular food outlets; however, the receipt category option is being expanded and will feature more upload options.

  • Earning while learning

This is being implemented through the learning labs feature on the platform. Learning labs were initiated to inform instars users about blockchain and cryptocurrency. As an incentive, the platform attached rewards to each series of videos. Once users complete a series, they are rewarded with crypto.

Learning Labs are a step in the right direction; however, the platform needs to update the feature with more interesting content to keep learners coming for more. No serious update has been recorded in the past six months.

  • Referrals

Users of the platform earn free crypto by successfully referring other people to the platform. In this setup, the users only earn once registration is done by the referred candidate. Referrals are important in growing the numbers within instars.

Aside from these, Instars also runs promotions where winners earn even more cryptocurrency. The platform has a numerical advantage when it comes to passive earning options compared to other platforms yet to be mentioned.

Instars reward its international users with their native token, INSTAR. However, for its US members, the platform has two earning options. US users can choose between EOS and INSTAR as their preferred cryptocurrency.

The platform also has a strong social media and online presence, which has helped its cause over the years. The partnerships they have established have also helped in the growth of the platform.

Brave Browser

Coinbase Earn, Lolli Bitcoin, Publish0x, Brave Browser, Earn Free cryptocurrency platforms, earn free crypto

The platform is an open-source web browser that is based on the Chromium browser. It was developed by Brave Software, Inc.

Earning from Brave Browser is quite simple. Users of the platform are rewarded for simply browsing the web using the platform.

Its differentiating areas include its focus on user privacy while browsing, the security of user data, ad blocking, and blocking website trackers. It accomplishes all these feats without compromising on the efficiency that users require while browsing the web.

Rewards are given in the native BAT token, which is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency.

The platform also comes with an inbuilt wallet where users store the cryptocurrency they earn after browsing.

Content creators on the platform also earn free crypto via the BAT token. A specific amount of BAT is rewarded based on the type of content posted.

The platform also allows users to set up automatic donations to various websites.

Last year, the platform partnered with the leading blockchain-based encyclopedia, Everipedia. The move showed Brave’s dedication to building a safe browser for internet users.

The platform needs to partner with more web service providers and continue increasing its presence within the blockchain ecosystem and gradually move towards the mainstream market.

Brave browser makes our list because of its simplicity in earning passive income and its service to the blockchain ecosystem.

Lolli Bitcoin Extension

Coinbase Earn, Lolli Bitcoin, Publish0x, Brave Browser, Earn Free cryptocurrency platforms, earn free crypto

From its name, Lolli Bitcoin extension is a web browser extension that enables web users to earn Bitcoin while shopping.

The platform has partnered with various retailers to make their service possible.

Lolli notifies online shoppers whenever they reach partner websites to encourage shoppers to earn free Bitcoin from these stores. The extension also lists its partner sites to make it easier for shoppers to locate them.

Earning via Lolli is quite simple. However, the platform needs to consider the storage of the Bitcoin earned.

The extension may serve as a practical method of drawing in more decentralized users. However, because of its lack of wallet facilities, new users may find it challenging navigating the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

By creating its wallet or partnering with other wallets, Lolli may end up moving up our list.

The platform still makes our list because of its ease of earning and its money-back guarantee like feature. Essentially, shoppers end up spending less than what they paid.


Coinbase Earn, Lolli Bitcoin, Publish0x, Brave Browser, Earn Free cryptocurrency platforms, earn free crypto

Publish0x is a platform for content creators and readers.

Users of the platform earn cryptocurrency by simply publishing articles on the platform or taking their time to read posted articles. The platform also allows users to tip and content creators to earn from tipping.

Cryptocurrency earning is based on the traffic or likes a content creator receives; the higher the likes, the higher the earnings. Further, the platform also occasionally hosts sponsors. During the hosting period, tokens from the sponsors are distributed to Publish0x users depending on the set parameters of the distribution.

Publish0x rewards are not limited to specific cryptocurrency. The platform does not have a native cryptocurrency and thus rewards in various cryptocurrencies based on its partnerships or sponsors. Bounty (BTNY) and HYDRO are some of the cryptocurrencies that users can earn on the platform. More options will likely be available in the future.

As an added advantage, the platform allows users to have multiple blogs on different topics. Users can, therefore, have multiple streams of passive income within the same platform.

By introducing a wallet service, Publish0x will have further streamlined its services.

Earning free cryptocurrency is now as easier than ever. With these platforms in action, you can earn free crypto at your convenience.

Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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