MXC's New M2 Pro Mining Machine to Revolutionize The Industry

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 4 Aug 2020


MXC continues to perform as one of the most proactive platforms in the blockchain industry.

After their MXC smart cities campaign, the company is moving on to other productive projects. The company recently introduced MXC Mining, made possible through the M2 Pro miner, which targets the low-cost mining market. The M2 Pro miner will double up as a gateway to the smart city network as well as a cheap and efficient method for crypto passive income in 2020.

It also introduced a mobile application, MXC Dash, for easier access to MXC services globally

Their progress, especially with MXC Mining, taps into a market that is currently plagued with various challenges. So far, the platform has received a positive review of the mining services. Further, the company is receiving numerous orders for its M2Pro miner, which shows a receptive market towards their products.


With the continued strong upward movement of the MXC token price, that is irrefutable proof that the success and consistent sales of the M2 Pro has been the catalyst for such impressive price action.

M2Pro Miner Allows The Mining of a Variety of Tokens including Bitcoin and MXC

The release of the M2 Pro miner and the MXC Dash application could not have come at a better time. Industries are experiencing a shifting market structure as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, with more people considering passive income to cushion them economically.

Some of the technical specifications for the M2Pro Miner include:

CPU: NXP MCIMX6G2CVM05AB, 528MHz, ArmCortex-A7

Memory: 256MB DDR3 RAM/ 256MB NAND FLASH

Storage Memory: Optional SSD up to 32GB or industrial SD-Card

Power Consumption: 3.5W on average, peak 6W

Size (without antennas): 101 x 226 x 73mm

Weight: 0.4kg

Currently, staking is a popular option for many crypto investors as a form of passive income, an option that MXC provides. Their latest update on their Dash application makes it easier to access these services. With MXC’s value potentially going higher, we are likely to see more staking and more investment in the platform.

MXC also released its M2 Pro mining device at a time when miners are looking for alternatives to the ASIC miner models, especially after the Bitcoin halving. The halving will affect miner earnings, which may render the mining venture unprofitable.

Running a mining operation requires a lot of investment, which is only made if there is a promise of return. The M2 Pro mining devices are going for a similar or lower price than the traditional ASIC miners, making them a lucrative option for potential miners. Moreover, the fact that the miner can mine different cryptocurrencies increases its appeal in the market.

Now, with the Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin miners are consuming as much power with their earnings cut in half. Putting this into consideration, it is no surprise that there is a massive demand for the M2 Pro miner before its global release.

1*REQEeYCLDze9cg3V3ve7SA.jpeg Source: Marketwatch

With the halving in effect, miners may eventually end up losing revenue or even making losses because of the vast operation costs in select countries. The miner has so far been released in China only, where the cost of mining is in the lower end. Regardless, demand for the miner is high in China showing the preference of the mining market.

The China Effect

The Chinese market has the power to sway the success or downfall of a product. By first releasing the M2 Pro mining in China, MXC was taking a risk on the future of the product. The miner is turning out to be a favourite among mining groups in the region.

Thousands, in China, are ordering the M2 Pro miner due to its advantages over the traditional mining setups. The ripple effect is an increase in MXC price as more money enters the company’s accounts. M2 Pro sales, if successful in other markets as in China, may significantly increase the revenue of MXC in 2020.

MXC is also among the few blockchain platforms approved by the Shanghai government, which is such an enormous recognition in the region. The approval came as MXC was pushing its smart cities initiative in various parts of the world. It also likely fueled the rapid growth in orders as people were confident that the devices are approved by the government.

More orders are expected once the product enters the global market. Due to the successful launch in China, many are likely to adapt M2Pro as their primary mining device. The mining device also sets the precedence of what future mining setups may resemble.

Starting in July the M2 Pro will go for sale in South Korea — the initial fulfillment of thousands of pre-orders.

M2Pro mines 4 cryptocurrencies; MXC, DHX, IPFS, and BTC. With the device, miners have access to more than one type of market, making it more profitable eventually.

M2 Pro = Crypto Passive Income 2020

With a renewed emphasis on staking and achieving forms of crypto passive income in 2020, the M2 Pro stands out as a reliable method of such a possibility. The ongoing economic and global chaos caused by COVID-19 and Central Bank responses have amplified the desire for variant income streams for many individuals and the M2 Pro goes a long way to achieve that.

Daily orders are proving that its release was crucial to the future price of MXC.

1*E8uRuNWMxwIbSi34QfG1wg.png Source: CoinMarketCap

From around May, after the release of the miner, the price of MXC was on a generally upward trajectory. The effect seen is as a result of the Chinese market. As the device goes global, we may see a drastic upward trend due to higher revenues from sales.

Further, even the Chinese market is yet to reach its peak. MXC has partnerships with the likes of XY Pool, one of their supernodes, and among the biggest mining pools in China, who are pushing the product in their various capacities. Their partnership with Huawei will also help increase their sales in the region. We may likely see another surge in orders in the Chinese market soon.

Once it enters the global market, expect the price of MXC to rise significantly. Due to the economic slowdown experienced, many people will want to try as many ways as possible to fill the financial gap created. The platform should anticipate large orders from its global community.

Another value driver is the value in the M2 Pro miner. Its operational costs are close to nothing when compared to other popular mining setups. No extensive spaces required, or complicated setups or even in-depth technical knowledge, it is as simple as plug and play.

The simplicity in its design and function makes it desirable to all market sections. Professional miners, amateurs, and novices all have the same chance of succeeding when using the M2Pro miner. Its accessibility and usability increase its desirability in the market, hence positively influencing market thoughts towards MXC as a brand. A higher MXC coin value will likely be the result.

MXC Progress Shows No Signs of Stopping

The markets are going through a period of change that will affect the performance of many digital assets. More people are considering digital investments following the scenes witnessed as a result of the pandemic. People are seeking to maintain or grow the value of what they already own.

Developments, such as those made by MXC, are encouraging more investors to consider digital assets. MXC has numerous investment options that will suit any enthusiastic investor. From passive income through staking to earning through mining, MXC has something for everyone.

Their flexibility and compatibility with a large section of the market make them a potential giant in the crypto industry. We expect the price of MXC to continue climbing higher as they make more M2 Pro mining announcements.

For more access to MXC and the new M2 Pro, follow this link.


Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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