Discounted Movie Tickets and Snacks? This Cryptocurrency Allows Just That

Discounted Movie Tickets and Snacks? This Cryptocurrency Allows Just That

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 30 Jan 2020

The cinematic experience is one that movie lovers enjoy. The experience is much more engaging and immersive and is arguably the reason why cinemas will still prosper in the age of digital streaming. It is exactly these reasons why more and more movie-goers are always searching for the best movie and snack discounts along with special offers. 

Movies are fun, and most people enjoy them. However, what nearly all people can agree on are the marked-up prices that viewers must pay at the cinemas. Yes, movies have specific financial targets, but the markups are sometimes unbelievable.

Further, cinemas are set up to ensure that you spend as much as you can on concessions before the movie even begins.

Discounts on Snacks and Film Tickets

Because these take the lion’s share of movie spending, this is where Instars starts with.

Instars is a free crypto earning platform that wants you to enjoy everything in life at discounted prices.

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The platform recently rolled out its latest feature, Receipt Capture, which allows its users to earn free cryptocurrency from simply uploading receipts showing purchases they had made from various establishments.

Instars initially focused on fast food before it introduced movies and concessions as categories on their platform. Now, users of the platform can upload receipts they spent on concessions to the platform and receive cryptocurrency in return.

Now you can eat more popcorn and drink more soda before and during the movie thanks to the discounts offered by Receipt Capture. The feature is essentially a money-back guarantee for moviegoers.

Watch Star Wars, Birds of Prey and Other Blockbusters at a Discount

Blockbuster films are loved globally and are usually marked with epic cinema releases. With Receipt Capture, people can now watch blockbuster films at discounted prices globally.

As with the concessions, all one is required to do is upload your receipt of the movie to the Instars platform, and you will be awarded free cryptocurrency.

Movie lovers can now watch their favorite films of the year on repeat due to the savings they make from using Receipt Capture.

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Movies like Stars Wars and other big franchises will still make their billions, but you will have watched the movie multiple times for a much lower price.

Movie lovers also can watch even more movies at the cinemas. Lately, an increase in the number of cinema movie release has been noted. Fans of these movies can enjoy unlimited screenings due to the discounts afforded by Instars.

Even More Promotions

Occasionally, cinemas run promotions that resonate with fans of movies. However, these promotions are limited and may not accommodate everyone.

With Receipt Capture, no one is locked out from receiving the discounts. All one is required of is registering for the Instars platform to gain eligibility.

Moreover, through the platform, users can start or improve their cryptocurrency portfolio. By simply watching your favorite films at the cinema, you stand a chance of starting or growing your investment portfolio.

Users from the US have the option of earning EOS or INSTAR, while global users are limited to INSTAR. Both are traded in top exchanges and can be used strategically to earn more cryptocurrencies or fiat.

An Excellent Year for Movies so Far

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As you ponder upon the opportunities offered by Receipt Capture, here is a reminder of some of the movies that are set for release in 2020:

  • Birds of Prey — Starring Margot Robbie, the all-female DC action film will likely be an epic feature. The film is set for a February release.
  • Black Widow — Marvel fans will be pleased to learn the origins of Black Widow in Marvel’s latest film. Knowing the franchise, viewers may also get an exciting post-credit scene.
  • No Time to Die — The latest 007 movie is will likely include all the 007 staples, lots of action, gadgets, and Bond girls.
  • Wonder woman 1984 — The first movie was a global hit, and from the trailer, the second installment is going to be even better, especially with its nostalgic 80’s theme. You wouldn’t want to miss this!
Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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