Best Under the Radar/Small Cap Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2020

Best Under the Radar/Small Cap Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2020

By Sal Miah | Sal's Articles | 20 Jan 2020


Many great crypto projects tend to go unnoticed or a lack of attention brought on them. With thousands of projects listed on CoinMarketCap, it can be extremely difficult for investors to choose the better projects when there is such a daunting amount to pick from. However, this article will highlight some of the better altcoins or ones which are unknown and going under the radar to take a closer look at/invest in and which potentially have a bright future ahead.

Various existing projects are set to eliminate preconceived ideas about crypto through the platforms they have established. The industry will likely grow as a result of their work. These projects focus on features that are not only practical but also enticing to the greater majority.

The projects that made it to our top 5 list are those that show potential in influencing the direction of the industries they are involved in. These projects include:

  • INSTAR — The platform focuses on ethical data sourcing with fair compensation for data providers.
  • Ocean Protocol — An ecosystem for sharing data and associated services.
  • Cosmos — A decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains that aim at creating a new token economy.
  • Celsius — The project aims at impacting the credit industry using cryptocurrency through its platform.
  • Tellor — A decentralized oracle solution for Ethereum-based DeFi & other applications requiring trustworthy data from a trustless source.

The selected projects are an indication of the future drivers of the world’s economy.



Born out of the necessity to preserve user data, Instars has evolved over the years to become one of the most forward-thinking crypto services in the industry.

The platform’s flagship service is its free cryptocurrency for filling out surveys. The incentive in this service is not only the cryptocurrency reward but also the data privacy assured by the platform.

Ethical data collection is a serious issue that many platforms are unable to navigate adequately. Upon its launch, data privacy was arguably the main talking point on various social media platforms.

Since its establishment, the platform has worked immensely to improve its services and position itself as a force to reckon with in the crypto industry.

The platform introduced learning labs feature that would help its users understand the world they are getting into. Learning labs explains what being in the cryptocurrency ecosystem entails. It also teaches on blockchain technology and other related and supportive technologies.

Now, Instars’ popularity has been increasing significantly becomes of its status as one of the leading free cryptocurrency platforms in the market. All activities being carried out on the platform could earn a user free crypto.

Its latest feature, Receipt Capture, shows that the platform is aware of the complexities surrounding their target audience. Receipt Capture allows users to earn free crypto on the platform by simply uploading receipts of purchase made within 24hrs of the upload. The method is convenient and likely a crowd puller.

Instars have also positioned itself as the best platform to start the cryptocurrency journey. Its free earnings mean that investors don’t have to spend any fiat to get cryptocurrency. By accumulating their free earnings, investors can use them to start or grow their crypto investments.

The platform has its wallet where the earned cryptocurrency can be stored.

Recently, Instars introduced EOS as an earning option. Initially, users could only earn INSTAR. Now, users have the option of either earning INSTAR or EOS, but the option is currently limited to US Instars users only.

The platform could improve by expanding its EOS option to other regions.

With its transparent stance on privacy, its free crypto earnings, and enticing features, Instars proves why it is justified to be at the top of this list.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)


The platform shares similarities with the Instars platform in that they both deal with data. Data is undoubtedly a major driving force of economies globally.

Aware of the shifting scenarios of data acquisition, Ocean Protocol, through its platform, is connecting data providers and consumers. The platform has set up a marketplace where data consumers and providers can interact productively, ethically and profitably for all parties.

The platform operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

To differentiate itself from the competition, the platform is worked on building exchange protocols that favor future partnerships in the competitive data exchange field.

Ocean protocol also incentivizes data exchange on its platform to ensure that the data industry has a constant flow of its raw resource.

One of its use case scenarios highlights the savings that could come from a common pool of data. The platform mentions the expenses incurred by companies within the same industry that generate the same sets of data obtaining similar results from their studies. Ocean protocol hopes that the data pool they create will enable companies to save on data collection expenses by collectively participating in data collection or sharing their data.

Data shared on the platform is done securely. Proprietary data is also handled professionally, such that data is only shared based on the owner’s approvals and requests.

Ocean Protocol is improving its services daily through various methods, including hiring the right personnel for growing the company. However, there is a lot more to be done. The company has been in operation since 2017, flying under the radar. This new decade may breathe the life Ocean Protocol requires to hack into the mainstream market.

The platform should work on improving its presence through advertising and exhibitions showing real-world usage of its services.

Cosmos (ATOM)


While not necessarily an altcoin that is under the radar or unknown, we feel Cosmos should be a project worth looking at. There exist a plethora of blockchains each serving different industries to improve the way the world operates technologically.

One of the central challenges that the blockchain industries have already encountered is the communication between different blockchains. Inter-blockchain communication is an essential attribute for success in the mainstream world.

Centralization has shown how crucial it is for systems to cooperate to achieve a common goal. This is where Cosmos comes in.

Cosmos is stepping up to provide an inter-blockchain communication platform. Essentially, the platform is trying to create the Internet of Blockchains. In such an ecosystem, blockchains will be able to communicate in a secure, decentralized manner to achieve a common purpose. Each blockchain participating in the ‘Internet of Blockchain’ will maintain its individuality while co-operating with other blockchains.

The biggest challenge Cosmos may face getting as many blockchains as possible to participate in this visionary project. The platform needs to initiate as many partnerships as it can and compromise to get more blockchains on board as it may pay out handsomely in the future.

Given the enterprise direction blockchain is taking, platforms such as Cosmos may soon be sought after by blockchain platforms.

Celsius (CEL)


Credit is necessary for the growth of any individual or institution.

The existence of cryptocurrency has created a new category of credit. The innovative team behind Celsius came up with a platform that allows cryptocurrency owners to utilize their assets by either borrowing against them or earning from them.

Cryptocurrency deposited in Celsius is used for lending. Depositors earn interest from lending out their cryptocurrency. Further, Celsius also shares up to 80% of its revenues with its depositors.

Celsius users also get access to stablecoin and fiat loans on the platform, depending on their availability.

The platform was established in 2017 and had quietly been making bold moves in the industry. Celsius partnered with Bitcoin in a move that could see the platform potentially blow up in the future.

With its credit features, Celsius hopes that its platform will supersede or replace the existing futures and margins trading. This would cause a huge ripple effect on the trading scene. However, with an elaborate system and assured returns, investors could easily switch camp.

To achieve their goal, Celsius needs to make more partnerships with lenders that have experience in the global market. The platform also needs to increase its presence in the decentralized and centralized ecosystems.

Given that there will always be a need for low-interest loans; Celsius may rise to greater heights.

Tellor (TRB)


Though it is the last on our list, Tellor still made it to the top 5 under the radar projects. The platform didn’t just land here by accident; it has shown its proficiency and determination in the industry.

Tellor’s platform is working to bridge the gap between off-chain and on-chain data needs. Its service is like Cosmos, as both are working on some form of interoperability. However, Tellor focuses on providing accurate off-chain data to smart contracts.

As with the previous projects, Tellor needs to form meaningful partnerships with relevant and influential partners that will help the platform establish its presence in the industry.

The highlighted projects are a testament to how far the industry has come. Their success would mean seamless operations within the industry. More enterprises will likely more to the more secure and robust blockchain ecosystem once they are assured of convenience levels equal to or higher than centralized platforms. The platforms can help deliver this.

Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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