Things not looking good for Libra

By salahchiva | salahchiva | 18 Jul 2019

Facebook the giant of social media platform all around is so screwed after making announcement about its most ambitious project named Libra a digital currency just like any other virtual currency using the Blockchain technology for its transactions seamlessly all around its partner products including its own too.

But since that day the hype that was created and the banks and institutional players want it to ban at any cost because it will be a threat to financial stability according to them. In the recent hearing in the court many politicians were not satisfied with its safety and quoted the privacy related issues and as we all know facebook has leaked all the data of its users in the past including some very personal information of billions of users.

So the trust factor doesn't seem to be working out at all and as a result many analyst saying that facebook should have moved to Bitcoin instead of Libra but as we all know mark zukerberg would always want to top anything he likes and make his own world.

Bitcoin is unquestionable while Libra is feeling the heat since its announcement only now you know what world we are living in centralisation vs decentralisation is on cards






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my name salah i from algeria and i like crypto world 😇😇


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