my name salah i from algeria and i like crypto world ??

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What Do You Think When Your Coin /Wallet Gets Stolen?

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I mean... I don't even have any monthly salary but I do blog online and market condos plus I have some money saved. It's just weird. This giving thing is getting... Weird? If let's say I'm getting almost a million  commission soon does that mean I ha...

Bitcoin Picking up the pace yet again

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As you all have seen recently that the alts are taking a big dip suddenly while bitcoin is not doing that big moves still but it is at a stage where anything can happen again near to $12K again once more yes and that''s what interesting to know .......

Facebook troubles begin again with Libra

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Seems like facebook stepping in blockchain will not be that successful as they thought just clearly because 4 of the US lawmakers have call mark to freeze anykind of developement that is happening with LIBRA. they wrote a letter which you can read he...

Hashing power war begins again

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The bitcoin is back in the news and this time with its Hash rate reaching its all time new high of almost 65.19 TH/s on july 18th quite and exponential rise with the prices if we compare but the consumption of energy for using bitcoin is increasing r...

Things not looking good for Libra

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Facebook the giant of social media platform all around is so screwed after making announcement about its most ambitious project named Libra a digital currency just like any other virtual currency using the Blockchain technology for its transactions s...

Keep the Sportsmanship alive within you

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Winning or losing a game doesn't make you anything in single day you may hit a winning streak or a losing one no one want's to end on the losing one quite obvious but to be on the other side of the line that takes effort. Effort which is respected by...

Feeling the Heat bitcoin way

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Feeling the heat just like bitcoin did nothing special for alt coin holders still they all just sinked up even steem posted its all time low i guess or i am sure it has i am not seeing any alts but massive pump and dump don't know how much whales sti...

Tipestry Tutorial Share your articles and earn BTC , ETH , DOGE

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Today I will explain to you a great and very easy way to win  currencies like BTC , ETH , DOGE . And the most important thing is that it is a very easy way and does not require effort Just all you have to do is share useful and good articles And when...

The Best of Sports we have ever seen

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Well what a great Weekend that was for Sports lovers specially where we witnesses the Top Level sporting action in all sports from Wimbledon,Cricket to Soccer nothing left behind. England winning the Men's world cup for the first time ever by beating...

Try to be better than ever before

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The game of any sports is all about winning but in the end only one would win it eventually so one must give up not really because if you don't play to win it you are not playing it at all. Sports is something that will carry your anger emotions and...