Terminator 6 : Dark Fate 2019 review

By salahchiva | salahchiva | 25 May 2019

Me: can we get some original ideas instead of remakes and reboots/sequels? Hollywood: hahaha good joke



You need John Connor dammit, get Edward Furlong, get him in the gym, give him a beard or something, plastic surgery idk, make him a god damn leading man. Use some of that Marvel CGI and bring back 90s Arnold, that machine is from the future so it should be around now. Sarah Connor I'm okay with. And then you can think about adding new characters. This needs to be a summer blockbuster film that is the biggest thing of the year like it was in 1991.


Terminator 7: Finding John

Terminator 8: Killing John

Terminator 9: No Conclusion

Terminator 10: S MAX



Well at least I could confirm that the protagonist is a female. looked real..uhh..ambiguous on the poster.

Hopefully this is the last Terminator movie EVER. T2 should be allowed to rest in peace. Hell, Salvation was more interesting than this.



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