Do you buy coins now or not?

By salahchiva | salahchiva | 15 Jun 2019

I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your holding that is primarily

why I stopped holding. I lost more than 2/4 of my bitcoin and way more than half the value of my $ 5,000 Xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss . After considering the odds, Good understanding of trading methods And the most important entry points and exit from the market As well as the study of points of support and resistance and values, the basic analysis of the chart And view market related news

and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over holding especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signs and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 700% on my ripples.


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my name salah i from algeria and i like crypto world 😇😇


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