Classic Yacht Meets Bioethenol Fireplace

Classic Yacht Meets Bioethanol Fireplace 


On my 1960s racing yacht I already have a diesel heater that produces a high amount of heat. It is very iconomical to run. But, uses a lot of current to start up and shutdown. At the moment I am lining my battery compartment so cannot use it.


At home I have two Bioethanol fireplaces and decided to get one for my yacht as an alternative to the diesel heater.

I tested it the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the result. It was 8° outside. I lit the fireplace send within 5 minutes the temperature 🌡 become 18.6 ° with a humidity level of 94 %.



After 10 minutes the temperature had risen to 24.3 ° and the humidity dropped to 76 %.


After 15 minutes the temperature 🌡 was 24.5 ° with the humidity level of 75 %.


200 ml of bioethenol lasted for about an hour. The temperature remained comfortable for quite some time due to the high level of insulation that my boat gas.

If I am doing going to have a coffee or not staying overnight the bioethenol stove is the perfect solution 👌 and it creates a nice atmosphere.

Bioethanol Fireplace

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