How to earn passive money with Greenrabbit || A new blockchain game

How to earn passive money with Greenrabbit || A new blockchain game

By Saikot | Saikot's blog | 29 Jul 2021

Nowadays, the blockchain games craze is all over the market. The new game's native tokens are pumped so much that many investors seek new projects to invest in at the initial stage. Recently, a wax blockchain-based game Greenrabbit started staking in their platform. The game is like rPlanet, but its staking process is unique. Today's in this post; I'll cover up the fundamentals of the Greenrabbit, how to earn a passive income from this game.

The game begins with a story named Operation T-420. This story raises from a Magical world of Nanotopia. If you read the story, you can understand that you should do crafting like rPlanet.
The packs were sold in 3 types, starter-10$, premium-50$, 3D character packs-250$.

If you came to the bottom of the website, you could see the roadmap and whitepaper of the project.
The roadmap is evident; the first two-phase, pack drop and USB staking, are completed. The roadmap is based on 14 days of a time cycle; new updates will come every two weeks. The ultima race will begin on September 14th, so we can expect that the main gaming phase will start in September.
You can see their whitepaper to know more about the project details, especially crafting, staking and their rates.

Token Name: Shellinium
Total Supply: 10 trillion
Listed on Alcor Exchange

Greenrabbit is functionally like rPlanet, but its plans, requirements are unique and better than rPlanet. To prevent token inflation, Greenrabbit added USB staking, where every user needs to get a USB before staking any NFT; it will ensure the balance of Shellinium.
Greenrabbit will airdrop promo stickers and Fan badges to the users to hold Shellinium. They will take a snapshot of addresses on August 23rd, 2021, and they will distribute it bases on holding tiers.
To start staking in Greenrabbit is very easy. Just go to the site and log in with your wax address, then you can see flash drives click on it.


Then you will see all NFTs; it'll show the required and available space of the USB drive. Their rates will come up, how much you can earn hourly. 



Greenrabbit is now in a beginning phase, it has a long future to come. Some investment would bring lots of opportunities in future. However, before investing in research properly at own risk. 

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