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By cryptne3d | Saikot's blog | 11 Jul 2021

Many days ago, I published an article about Beermoney Forum. Shares a review, my thoughts, and trying to give you an idea about the platform. Still, I am earning from this forum site. Every end of the month, I earned a slide hustle from this forum. Today, I'm sharing some tips and tricks with the review and making money from Beermoney Forum. But before starting some facts.

1.BMF is not making you rich; it's just a medium to share valuable thoughts.

2. Don't be a spammer. Do real works; admins and moderators will encourage your works.

What is BeermoneyForum

Beermoney forum, where are you get paid by sharing knowledge, experiences, and valuable thoughts. It has many sections like Crypto Currencies, Gambling, Affiliate, SEO. Peoples come to these communities and share their opinion; for their sharing, they get a reward. Beermoneyforum is like other forums with great support and delight user-friendly interface.

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How to earn reward from the Beermoney forum

There are many ways to earn from the Beermoney forum. They give rewards equally to everyone who helps others. Their reward token is called the BMF token.

  • Earn 20 BMF tokens for every new comment
  • Earn 50 BMF tokens for every new thread
  • Earn 1000 BMF token for new referral ( new ref must be verified by replying 100 comments)
  • If someone likes your content. As a result, you will get a 10 BMF token
  • Daily log inactivity will give you a 5/10 BMF token.
  • Earn 500 Points for reporting spam messages.

The rate is 1000BMF token = 1$

Beermoney forum rules and regulations:

I want to clear that they have strict rules, admin and moderators see everything in the forum.

  • Beermoney Forum does not allow any copy-paste comment or thread
  • All contents and file upload, reviewed by their staff.
  • You only can post five reply comments and five threads per hour.
  • Some threads do not pay you ( How to make money, marketplace)
  • Your post must be quality. Otherwise, they could ban you.
  • You cant speak many abusive words on this forum. If any user reports against you, they are going to ban your account.
  • They have a profile badge system. The more you contribute to the forum, the more valuable badge you can gain.

My personal experience

I joined Beermoney Forum a couple of weeks ago. Now I am in the silver member badge. My journey was smooth, didn't find any problems. All the members are very friendly and supportive. As I know a little bit about crypto and SEO, I contribute to the SEO and crypto sections. You should only comment reply, were you good. I liked one thing most about the following system. I can follow and easily message my favorite persons.

They some cool feature that amaze me like support community. Their moderator will answer you very soon whenever you asked any question; another thing I liked most is their marketplace section.

People can buy sell online currencies or other online stuff easily with another user.

They also have a section called a journey. Here users share their true experience to gain an opportunity. Even I learn some tricks and tips from them. Beermoney Forum always runs 1/2 giveaways or raffle draws. Still, they were running a raffle draw that ends after 12 days.

In only the Beermoney forum, I find that if any member direct messages moderators about any problems, the staff replied without delay.


Beermoney forum frequently runs contests where users can easily participate and earn rewards. 

Beermoney Forum is a good place for article writers, especially those who work in the crypto industry. 

Always try to help each other member. For example; Members created posts where they want to know about information, and you know that information. Then you should answer that post—That's how community bonding stands.

If you are looking for workers for your mini-jobs, then this BMF also a better platform. Here you can find peoples who can do mini jobs for cents. I liked this section cause both workers and advertisers get benefits.

How To Cashout From Beermoney Forum

You can cash out your rewards in payeer, perfect money, skrill, and bitcoin (I hope they will add more cryptos). The minimum cashout is 2$, which is only given in payeer and perfect money. Users can also buy the coin from them.

3000 points 5$

5000 points 7$

7000 points 9$

25000 points 30$


Normally Beermoney Forum provides payments 25th of every month. But if they have enough reserve of money, they give the payment in 2/3 days. You can donate the tokens to another member (go to the rewards option, then you find the donation sector. enter the username and click donate). You can lose all points if you do not log in to your account for the last month.

As they have multi-payment processors and are trusted, you can find lots of payment proof in Trustpilot or foxyrating. I also provide payment proof.

For cashout, you need to go to reward's BMF shop. Then you find a big list of payment methods. Choose your likable method, then add to the cart, then checkout your card (this time, your BMF point will be cut, and a card will add to your profile. Then click configure and add your wallet number or address.


  • User-friendly (both forum and the owners)
  • Accommodating community
  • Low cashout


  • Monthly payments
  • Strict rules
  • Can't delete or modify own post


Beermoney Forum is one of the best forums that made a golden opportunity to earn money by gaining knowledge and also sharing knowledge. One can easily earn some bucks for his pocket money. Just keep in mind that don't break any rules.

Sorry for publishing 2nd time but in this post, you can clarify the miscommunications because I saw many referrals joined but do not work. If you face any kind of problems then I'm here telegram @saykot17

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