PipeFlare Review: A Fun Way to Earn Free Crypto

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 2 Jul 2021

Are you looking for a crypto side hustle that is fun, educational, and profitable? Are you short on cash? I have really been enjoying PipeFlare. I have been getting daily deposits of ZEC into my KuCoin account. They are really small deposits, but they are deposits nonetheless. You can start getting DOGE deposits once you reach one DOGE in your PipeFlare account.

There are several fun games in which you can earn FLARE tokens as well as DAI. There are other games just for fun or in development on the site that are interesting. My son has been playing one of the games (BeatBox) and loves it. It doesn't even matter to him that he is earning FLARE.

This is one of those faucets that I have been working on for a couple of months. Although it has not been as profitable to me as Cointiply, I actually enjoy it more. I think that it may end up being even more profitable down the road as it has many perks and incentives for long-term use. The way I have earned through Cointiply is offers and surveys. The downside of surveys is that eventually you don’t have as many options and you will qualify for fewer of them. If you do not like surveys, PipeFlare might be a better fit for you since there are no surveys on PipeFlare.

I have said before that most faucets are a complete waste of time. I suppose any of them can be if you think you are going to quit your day job and survive on Faucets. Not happening. However, they can be fun, and if you do the right ones, they can help you earn a bit of extra crypto. Since markets are still down, its as good a time as ever to find a couple of these that you like and learn more.


Here is a summary of what you can do on PipeFlare:

  1. Daily faucet claims of DOGE and ZEC.
  2. Play games to earn FLARE or DAI. Its easy to earn FLARE. To earn DAI, you have to place in the top 300 each week. That’s actually pretty easy too. To get to the top 20 is nearly impossible. The ones that do must have way too much time on their hands.
  3. Stake FLARE for interest. They have 30-day, 6-month, and 12-month options. Interest earned is between 3 and 5% for non-supporting users. It is between 6 and 10% for supporting users.
  4. You can become a supporter at different levels for as little as $18 a year. The higher your support level, the more you can earn on the faucet, on staking, and on airdrops.
  5. You can receive portions of airdrops of DOGE, ZEC, or FLARE at the supporter level.
  6. They have a unique referral program. Like other referral programs, you can simply recommend this site to friends and family (or anyone for that matter) and receive nice rewards. What sets this site apart is how they allow you to buy referrals and earn rewards based on these referrals. Although they cannot guarantee how long these referrals will be active, they filter out brand new accounts and only give you referrals that are currently active. My referral is: Use it to collect your first reward.
  7. Flare tokens are easy to earn and an announcement was made last month that they will be listed on exchanges soon. Now would be a good time to begin collecting Flare tokens.


I chose to go ahead and sign up for the $18 a year supporter. The person that inspired me to sign up has been doing this for over a year. He bought one of the more expensive tiers and is also buying referrals. He is actually making decent money. I have not been doing it long enough to see this; however, I have made a lot of daily claims and these show up in my KuCoin account almost immediately. Personally, I am too conservative to put up much money on any kind of site like this. For now, I will content with small profits.

Here is PipeFlare's own summary of what you can do on their site:

So, there you have it. I may not have answered the initial question in detail, but once you get on the site and browse around, you will understand more about FLARE. 

Here is my referral link:

Give it a go and let me know how it works out.

The Lynx

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