Huge News Announced by PipeFlare

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 16 Oct 2021

PipeFlare announces their native 1FLR token is now exchangeable on the MATIC/ETH network. By October 23, all PipeFlare users will be eligible to make withdraws from their account. This is in addition to the ZEC and MATIC tokens you can earn from their daily faucet.

Here is an excerpt from their recent announcement:

“The process of making 1FLR a world-renowned token starts now – and it’s a group effort. It’s up to the team to implement good use cases, and up to the community to get the word out. We are at the same place DOGE was when it launched in 2013 at a price of $0.0005588. We have a great team, a great community, a great mission, and endless potential.”

Flare tokens are earned or “mined” by playing their games. There are currently 6 games in which you can earn 1FLR. Five of these also allow you to compete to earn ZEC tethered to DAI each week. You just need a wallet address to claim the faucet. Deposits are automatic.


The games are solid. I have really enjoyed Space Shooter, Stack Breaker, and Beat Box. Other games are fun once you get the hang of them, like Flare Jump. Flare Hit is really easy. Most of these games are easier if you use a device with a keyboard.


Here are the reasons that I believe in this project:

  1. Good customer service.
  2. A variety of enjoyable arcade style games.
  3. Great graphic design and ease of navigation of the website.
  4. NFT collectibles to enhance gaming and mining experiences.
  5. Great referral program (including purchasable referrals).
  6. There are no ads. No surveys. Just games and a daily faucet. You can also stake to earn interest on your Flare.


This is more than a meme. It is more than a faucet. It is a growing arcade style gaming community that makes earning crypto fun. Now that their native token is exchangeable (via Metamask), the sky is the limit with these folks. I would advise to get in now (or get back in if you already have an account) and start earning.

Click here to begin your Flare journey.

The Lynx

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