Why Crypto Trading is so scary skill?

By Rupanshu kumar | Rupanshu-kumar | 16 Feb 2024

90989a0a21881be670cda2b6867993220a1c12fbe86bd3708a0f6322543a02bf.jpgHello guys,

Let's take a look at trading challenges in this growing market . 

It is just me, or others too facing problems in trading via CEX or any other platform cause even I'm along in crypto currency over a year now but still I'm a beginner leading me too lose every time in almost every trade whether it's a growing market or not, trading is really hitting me hard and wants me too give up, which I'm almost and paused it's almost for a month due to fear of failing or losing also cost me some beat trade that i know I can get profit out but due to lack of resources and motivation ( Money) I'm lacking behind. 

As soon as I started to enter the market, the market shows me where I belong the end of the line, but is it just me Or others too. So how to recover or overcome those failures. 

1.You are working against the top chain in trading who are trained for this their whole life so try to control your emotions and prepare a strategy to become a better you in trading day by day. 

2.Risk is an element of trading, No one can escape it so invest as much you are able to loss and try to break your losing chain and always made your in and out before trading. 

In my opinion, trading always contain a risk factor so start with small or made a plan to work on. 


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Rupanshu kumar
Rupanshu kumar

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things.


From Small Beginnings Come Great Things.

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