Sauna Run

By toofasteddie | Running | 15 Sep 2020

I just finished a 9.476km running that lasted about 0hh:47mm:56ss !

image image


Yesterday was a "Wet Run", today we experimented the "Sauna" run on the track...
29 Degrees Celsius, some light wind, thanks God, and 90% of Relative humidity...however, we have done the workout.
25 repetitions of 200m lasting 40" each, and so, 3'20/km pace each, recovering just 30" in between.


image image


Don't tell me... it has been a nightmare!

But I am quiet happy discovering my legs still have strength and also my lungs seem to work very efficiently.
Tomorrow I am going to rest the whole day...I promise...or almost... I would do for sure some core reinforcing exercises but nothing Cardio-demanding.

Keep on running!


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