Crypto Integration into Sci-fi

By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 30 Apr 2021

 Is NOT as easy as one would think.

 I'm gearing up to engage in some serious world-building regarding an idea of mine inspired by the Art/Visuals of Moon Beam City.

 I ASSURE you that it's ONLY the visuals I love about that 1 season series.

 In terms of plot, story-quality and character development I won't be cutting any corners at all...and NO silly-stupid nonsense.

 I am also doing some additional and highly-detailed world-building on an old Cyberpunk-genre story that gets to be improved by what I have learned between the time I wrote it and now, as well as introducing some interesting problems related to a Crypto-dominated world and the solutions to them on the street-side of life in the future. This one is actually quite a bit of fun to work with.

 World-building is pretty easy, depending on how deep you want the details. I don't want to drown my audience in a treatise on Cryptocurrencies, but what I do write in regarding it I want;

 1; To make sense
 2; Be genuinely Plausible
 3; Work within a world very much like our own in a realistic manner, though perhaps with wider adoption.
 4; NOT fall into trope-trap regarding Crypto.
 5; Possibly inspire some new ideas and directions in Reality regarding some aspects regarding Crypto.

 The reasons are simple...
 I take pride in what I do.
 Some of you might very well be in my audience, and thus writing about Crypto intelligently is a 'Must' for audience satisfaction.
 It might also well be the first exposure some people have to Cryptocurrency related information.

 To me, these are NOT points to be treated lightly and I will NOT 'handwave' Cryptocurrency related info away in the same manner that Star Trek refuses to discuss how the economics of The Federation work--I have always hated that minor point and won't be party to it as a writer.

 So, I am here, writing and reading, and tipping.
 I am learning more and more for my own benefit in financial aspects and for writing purposes. This is something I do want to pass along to my audience.
 If someone buys your book, then you better have put some proper effort into it, that's the direction I come from.

Thank-You for reading and I will see you around the site.


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