Random Photography Part 2
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Random Photography Part 2

By Ruffatotm33 | Ruffa's Photography | 12 Aug 2020

Hello again Guys, It's me again, just wanna share this beautiful creature that I captured using my phone, hope you guys like it. 🤗🤗😘

783d81575bc20a69ce96ed1410f65c40c7d0df56c13724ed4e7788b817b40b03.pngThat one is a Grasshopper, a little one, maybe she's just a baby, I took that one yesterday, I only get 3 shots I think this little thing notice me, that's why it moves into different place. 


Accordingto the Green and Vibrant, there are 15 different types of Grasshopper, and thanks to Green and Vibrant I find out the name of this cute little thing. This grasshopper was called Lesser Marsh Grasshopper or Chorthippus Albomarginatos. According to this site this grasshopper was belong to Acrididae at adult size, its measure between 0.5 to 1 inches, but that one is really small 👆👆, this Grasshopper can be identified by it's wings, it has white margins, the lack of black knees and his straight Antennae. Their wing are functional so they can fly at short distance with ease.




And that's it guys, I hope you will all enjoy it, there are more more images to come that I will upload here that will captured by me. 

Thank You, and Happy Reading 😍😍😍🤩😘


I am not a Robot.

Ruffa's Photography
Ruffa's Photography

I'll capture Photos using my smartphone and share it here with you. Most of them were captured in our yard, or someone else's yard ✌️😋😂🤗 Hope you guys Enjoy it.

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