Registrations For New Premium Members Are Officially Open

By Rubikkav | Rubikkav Insights | 16 Apr 2023

Dear subscribers! After having the confirmations for the new green wave of the cryptocurrency market, we have decided to officially open new registrations for premium members in our community.

Some will remember that in the past market cycle, we accumulated more than 2k profits, with minimal losses with our exclusive trading strategy.


See all the results here:

For this new market cycle that will be motivated by a wave one until the year 2025 and we are seeing that Bitcoin will be influenced by the launches of investment funds. In addition to the above, many traders will seek more derivative operations and few operations in the spot market.

What Are We Looking For?

Rubikkav Premium Program is mainly looking for that. Help new and experienced traders in the honest search for short, medium and long-term profits, making intelligent risk management and using automation tools with artificial intelligence.

With our advanced trading strategy, each of the interested parties will be able to obtain high-quality trading signals without the need to spend on technical and fundamental analysis tools. The above is on us.


With our program it will not be necessary to use complex tools to obtain results. Everything will be in the palm of your hand, with a cell phone and through Telegram.

Costs And Benefits

Monthly Plan $59.99 with 7 bonus days.

Mainly designed for those traders who need to learn the first steps of the market. They will have access to all the information on our premium channel, but without exclusive support.

Bi-Annual Plan $299.99 (save 15% off) With 15 Extra Days Bonus.

Thought for investors who have high confidence and performace. You will get access to all the information from our premium channel on Telegram, with medium support for 6 months. Plan not applicable for account management.

Annual Plan $399.99 (save 25% off) With One Extra Bonus Month.

Made for traders who are demanding and want to belong to a quality community. They will have access to all the information from our premium channel on Telegram and will obtain exclusive support. Does not apply for automatic account management.

Tri-annual Plan (Save 30% off) With Account Management And Two Months Extra Bonus.

Excellent for those traders who want to follow our personal portfolio and follow the recommendations with the most potential in the long term. Includes account management and total advice.

Lifetime Plan $599.99 (single payment - 45% off) With Account Management.

It was designed for those traders who need special support and full coverage in their financial operations. In addition to what is offered on the monthly and annual plan, you can also get the benefit of account management. In other words, we can carry out the operations for you.

Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency and PayPal are accepted.


Do not stand out. Guarantee your spot right now. Write to us at [email protected] or our support account on Telegram:

Update 08/07/2023

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