The Privilege of 1 BCH

The Privilege of 1 BCH

By RowanSkie | Rowan Skye Blog | 2 Feb 2021

I applaud people who have 1 BCH right now. I remember when I manage to get lucky rolls and get myself into 6 BCH myself. But for an outsider, they might look at you funny for getting 1 BCH, and think that you just have very few amounts of money.

I would be part of them if it weren't for the fact that I wanted more, and I developed a mild gambling addiction to the site. It wasn't much of a good time that was, and seeing people like @Eybyoung celebrate it made me recognize something about getting 1 BCH, and that is that Bitcoin Cash is finite, and it meant that if they hold unto these 1 BCHs, they will become richer than everyone else.

A few years from now, the block reward for Bitcoin (and Bitcoin Cash) will no longer be as large as it was when it was 2009, and that due to the four-year halving schedule that keeps it finite.

One day, there will only be 21 million BCH in total, and nothing more. Considering most of the 50 BCH wallets from early years haven't been touched, there are already less than 21 million available.

Seeing the little community who celebrated having 1 BCH has made me a little envious, which is why I'm writing this so I can explain why I'm envious and also so I don't use up again and lose everything when I try for 1 BCH through that path.

Having 1 BCH is a privilege everyone can have right now, and this isn't just because of the price in USD, but rather it is because you have effectively locked a small part of the finite supply of 21 million. While this may seem extreme to a fault, this also brings joy to others as it meant that someone may be finally rich, as 1 BCH isn't just ~$500 during the time of writing, it is also ~₱25,000 in the Philippines and other high prices in other countries. It is really more than enough for someone to get 1 BCH.

This is why during the early days of and currently at, there will be people who would do their best to get the most of all the BCH they have and immediately cash out to their fiat currencies because they need it. I've noticed that some of the countries with a high amount of spammers and scammers are from poor countries needing to get for their needs yet they weren't able to do it.

Some of them also have corrupt governments that don't know how to handle these types of people effectively, despite laws.

1 BCH is a signal for someone to become part of a greater community, and that is the Bitcoin Cash community's >1 BCH elite, and it means you're really into Bitcoin Cash. Influential persons have these high amounts of BCH, and those that also were able to keep their BTC during the early days had these amounts of BCH.

By having 1 BCH, you join a group of users that not only believe in peer-to-peer electronic cash, you also show that you are supporting peer-to-peer electronic cash.

Did you know, back in 2017, I saw Bitcoin as our way to create what is effectively the Galactic Credits in science fiction stories like Star Wars and Doctor Who? A unified currency used by multiple people, races, and countries.

By being able to get 1 BCH, know to yourself that you have made history as being one of the potential 21 million who managed to get a chunk of the whole circulating supply. It might be a small chunk, but when the circulating supply shrinks due to lost addresses, you will be one of the lucky persons who will still have it.

And this is why I posted this on

Because I am jealous that others have 1 BCH and I lost mine.

Thankfully, I am regaining it slowly. No gambling this time.

Peer-to-peer electronic cash isn't for gambling, it's cash for the world.

This is Rowan, singing off.

Congratulations to those that got 1 BCH! And for those that don't have it? Keep saving. Hodl until you can Spend and Replace 1 BCH. Be someone who advocates for Bitcoin Cash, and be someone who knows how to spend it wisely that you get it back twofold.


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