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By Roney Laurent | roneylaurent | 14 Jul 2021

This young Brazilian artist is dominating the Brazilian electronic music charts. He is some of the favorite music producers of Sony Music and Hub Records with exponential growth potential in the industry.

Currently, Brazilian Alan Maia a.k.a Ciclame said that he is constantly improving his skills and knowledge on how to use the best of technology, music and art in total synchrony.

I told the story of Ciclame in another article. Click here to read more about the trajectory of the greatest promise of Brazilian electronic music.

Feel The Time = Feelling Time?

According to the artist, human evolution needs to understand and feel the action of time in our lives. In this way, we can understand that our learnings are satisfactory so that we can get closer to our goals. That's why his latest release "Feelling Time" reflects the artist's entire feeling of dedication to music and his passion reflects in time. For a long time, Ciclame has been dedicated to delivering the best quality authorial productions. Hear the artist more on digital platforms.

A Mixture of Feelling

The feelings in Ciclame's songs are remarkable, their musical productions are full of stories, unique sounds and great for the dance floors.

The mix of cultures of the Brazilian people certainly contributes to the versatility of Ciclame's tracks.

We can see a great evolution of your songs and we can certainly wait for news soon.

Read more here and have fun with Ciclame's songs!

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The artist has several independent releases and intends to dive into the crypto world and will soon release some exclusive songs.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and translated to English. If you find errors or possible optimizations, send your comments. Thanks!

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