Kazooie's Birdhouse V0.1

By Lameshark | Romhack | 2 May 2023


Around half a year ago, I made an attempt at learning to 3D Romhack Super Mario 64. I found some videos on a concept called "Decomping", which is the latest technique for swapping assets and other functions. My goal was to swap the Mario model out with another character ... like Yoshi or Princess Peach. I worked for a whole week learning 3D modeling, how to swap out the character, link all the bones together etc. I learned a lot, but at the end of the process I was greeted with an error message. The ROM didn't work!

After this failure, I took a break [after many failed attempts]. Unhappy with my failure to complete a 3D Romhack, I decided to try a different game. I found a tool called Banjo's Backpack for hacking Banjo Kazooie. Banjo's Backpack seemed very automated! I was very happy with it. However, I still had no idea how to use the tool and also I was still a rookie at 3D modeling. I started with a modeling program called sketchup after finding some tutorials on Banjo's Backpack. Then I switched over to Unity and still couldn't figure things out. After some deep diving, I decided to use Blender, which seemed to be the ideal [modeling] tool that people use.

With the help of those that came before me, I actually managed to create my first 3D romhack! 

Technically, it's just a test level. The level contains a blue skybox, Banjo Kazooie and some patched boxes you can jump on and walk around.

I called my Romhack "Kazooie's Birdhouse V0.1". Obviously, this Romhack isn't publicly available. It is technically my first 3D romhack though! It works as a Rom file! My concept for this Romhack is to make a Parkour Course level. The game will take place after Banjo Kazooie where Kazooie gets some choice property from his adventuring treasure funds. The plot will be loose ... lots of corny meta humor [typical of Romhacks]. Essentially it will be a giant Parkour course w/ a treehouse on top. Eventually, I would love to have a complete Banjo Kazooie game. Collectible items, Mombo's Hut you can walk into etc. Maybe even a custom boos and a custom end screen? Who knows ... the sky is the limit!

The biggest problem so far is probably the fact that I can't start the level at the beginning of the game w/o it crashing. My test level is currently replacing the level Treasure Trove Cove. The rest of the game is currently exactly the same. I have literally no idea how to fix this.

My goals for V0.2:

1. A functional swimming area.

2. Functional climbing

3. Custom assets

4. Replace my test level with the beginning level w/o it crashing.


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To the subject of "Romhacking" aka taking apart a videogame and creating your own "hacks": This could be a simple graphics improvement or a completely new version of the game. Romhacking can also uncover "secrets" about a game which is called "breaking the game". Romhacking is deeply tied to the emulation of consoles and console games. There is no legal precedent against romhacking, unless it is used for commercial purposes. The following blogs are for educational purposes and are under fair use.

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