Hacking Glover 2.

By Lameshark | Romhack | 2 Jun 2023

Today, we are going to hack the beta game Glover 2, which was never officially released. Several versions of the game were released online, the latest build was released in 2012 by Team Carrot. This version is incomplete, but the story mode is partly playable. Like the original game, you play as a white glove character that pushes a bouncy beach ball around. However, in this version, you can ditch the ball and do more exploring on foot. You also have control over a spell book and the fetch quests are even more intense! There are tons of item, powerups, spells etc. It's essentially an RPG version of Glover. The gameplay is exciting, but full of glitches. Complete a quest in the wrong order and the game will have broken mini bosses etc. f438d4ce6070c06047acd8106933aacdd9db3c769defaf0187bed7fe9a8bc4d6.png

Glover 2 begins with a cutscene of the Wizard on vacation


The first room of Glover 2: An n64 model contains a mini game.


The first completable task in the game is creating a "pie" for your brother Glovel, who is really the Evil left handed glove "cross-stitch" tricking you into creating an evil spell! To create the spell/pie, you must collect an onion, tomato, mushroom and throw it into the caldron. This task has become the focus on, where a few Glover players have found skips to save time while creating the pie. This had led to some interesting understanding of the Glover 2 game mechanics, coding etc.


When you exit the [strangely small] castle, you can immediately jump across the water and then grab the moving lawnmower. The most important thing to skip in the "pie%" speedrun are the text prompts, which you cannot skip and are very slow. You can use the lawnmower to move the tomato and this keeps you from talking to a character called the "chicken hub" who takes a very long time to give you basic information on how to move objects around and other obvious game mechanics. The lawnmower has very intense drifting physics and a boost button! c80d64e64de8d3ea3e58337fabf0748fa553f2943ad57cf4fdd80ec52b5df88c.png

The next skip we found was even more useful. If you quit the game, then clear the file it will skip over the beginning text [about the pie]! This saves another few minutes, a similar time skip to the lawnmower trick. Here is the crazy think though: If you keep quitting and clearing the file, every time you throw another item into the caldron, it advances through every single text prompt in the game! Forcing every text prompt to appear in the beginning of the game is fun: Usually you need some type of hacking tool to read every text in the game like this.


Not only can you see all the text from the game, but the game will actually reward you items! This glitching of the text will actually reward you with heart pieces, magical energy etc. This really makes me wonder what is possible with this game by breaking sequences. There are broken levels and T posed mini bosses in Glover 2. Are these 'broken" elements actually playable somehow?


As if these glitches and time skips weren't fun enough, there is also a "secret" level select and debug menu in Glover 2! If you assign a value to the c buttons in the fourth controller [or plug in a fourth controller to the console] you can actually fly around the maps! The "main hub" area where you find the pie ingredients actually has a secret area underneath! Most likely, this isn't an actual secret, but rather some type of scrapped project. It could also be an incomplete area that would have eventually been finished.  The star targets appear to be non-functional. eb13746a25f6fe0ade412e388a0f97089c8db2e29d27d8e83da67d6ebfd6be38.png



I also found a clip through the first level of the game and found some hidden, unused graphics!




At this point, you are probably wondering how playable the entire game is. Can you beat any of the bosses in Glover 2? Is there and end screen animation? A largely unfinished title isn't really worth hacking, unless you are recreating the game. According to popular research website "The Cutting Room Floor" Glover 2 is around 60% playable. In my opinion, a game should be measured by in game functions, in other words how playable is the game in real time, without any cheats or secret menus. Simply put, how far can a normal player get? Not too far in Glover 2, it turns out.


After you create the pie/spell the evil glove [Cross-stitch] reveals himself and flies out of the room holding his spell book. Once you explore the outdoor area, you will find a high up bridge that leads to a large, red door. The door leads to a wheat field type area with a scarecrow. The scarecrow is circled by two crows and there are silver runes all over the map. The boss doesn't attack you yet, so you can casually collect the runes and other items. Be careful not to bump into the scarecrow or crows though! You can still take damage this way.


If you double back to the castle after collecting the runes, there is a spell book sitting on the footbridge. Jumping onto the spell book gives you the ability to collect runes and cast spells. Basically, it activates your pause menu inventory. Now, if the player heads back to the Scarecrow he can punch the scarecrow with B [red boxing glove] and start the boss fight! This fight is surprisingly difficult, the crows swoop down very quickly and the scarecrow is also fast. You make your second spell in the local cauldron. 



There are some great use cases in Glover 2 and the game is fun to play, but the only playable boss seems to be the Scarecrow. You can play pool, a game of snaps, chop down a tree with an axe and other awesome mechanics to collect runes. Below is a picture of Glover flying down a gondola! Collecting some of the runes require glitches, but the game feels playable for the first 20 minutes. It actually seems completable. You have to be careful not to break certain sequences, but Glover 2 is actually very playable in general! 



There is a level with a cottage and an old hag that you can steal a meatball from [don't ask] there is a hole high up in the wall that you can glitch jump into that leads to the "sewer" level, which has a T posed boss. This seems to be the end of the game, although there is an exit underground you can glitch to. This exit crashes the game. If you use the hidden level select by pressing "L" at the file select menu, you can enter the "farm" level, which should be connected to the sewers, although there is no such exit.




This seems to be the end of Glover 2, or at least without using a level select cheat. And I know what everyone is thinking, you didn't really hack the game! You just did some fancy gameplay! Of course, I have saved the best for last; that being said, I don't want to show too much actual hacking with the gaming rom, which I obviously didn't reverse from a cartridge. In fact, I don't even own a copy of the game! I played it at my Uncle Billy's house. However, I have been working on a process using Blender, Gimp, Lemmy's Ripping Video Plugin, 1964 Emulator and Milkscape 3. 


*That's all I have to say about that.* Who knows, maybe I'll be feeling bold and I'll post some model ripping ... don't hold your breath though. I might just sneak some models into my Banjo Kazooie romhack ... people claim Glover 2 is very similar to Banjo Kazooie. Or I might work on an actual Glover romhack, although that might make more research because I haven't seen any type of tools for Glover romhacking. It would probably be easier to just make a SM64 + glover hybrid or something. The point I'm trying to make in this rambling post script is that there will be an exciting part 2 of this Glover 2 hacking exploration!


Apparently, there has been a previous hacker of Glover 2, although for some unknown reason, they have only posted a single model to this repository: The tomato. 

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