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Libertarians Are Bad at Messaging

By Rogue | Rogue blog | 12 Aug 2020

Sorry libertarians but it’s true, I’ve noticed most of us just do an awful job at reaching out into the culture and attracting people with our ideas and principles. However, it doesn’t mean the message of liberty itself sucks, so what gives? 

If someone asks you what your favourite book is, and you say “Human Action” – that’s all well and good, we absolutely should be reading books like that, but the average person is not going to read that, nor want to talk about it. As opposed to saying “Lord of the Rings” which is a series I’m told has some libertarian themes, and getting into a conversation about that. I’ve seen libertarians make some hilarious memes too, like the “muh roads” memes and this one of Eric July someone in his Discord community made. However again, they do very little to reach outside the scope of libertarianism.


Speaking of Eric July, he is someone who has done an excellent job of impacting the culture and bringing people to libertarian philosophy. It seems at least a couple times per week he gets a donation off someone saying how he has sold libertarianism to them with his band Backwordz which doesn’t shy away from the libertarian message, in fact they really beat you over the head with it. Or they come to it through his comic book, movie and video game commentary on his YouTube channel or witness him make a fool out of his critics in live debates.

There are some great libertarians out there who work hard and do great stuff, like Tom Woods, however Tom is someone you find when you have already been sold on libertarianism – his thing isn’t necessarily to reach out of the libertarian realm and bring people to it. His books certainly may do just that, but it doesn’t impact culture the way people like Eric do, on platforms where younger viewers are to hear these ideas. Ideas they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to and really counter what the Borg is saying everywhere else in Western culture. We need more Eric July's and Dominic Frisby's - another libertarian musician and a comedian putting out great content for non libertarians to enjoy too. 

It seems a lot of libertarians are content to sit back and expect the Libertarian Party to come save the day – the thing is, politics is downstream of culture for the most part and until libertarians mount a successful counter counter-culture, it won’t get anywhere. We need non-political human action through things like music, gaming, movies comics and Agorism - the little things that reach everyday people and can bring out their inner libertarian. 

So how do we change this? We have created what is right now just a group on Facebook called ‘The Liberty Movement’ – the idea is to connect liberty minded people, creating a network of libertarians who are musicians, comedians, streamers, authors, journalists, podcasters etc. We want to encourage more libertarians to put themselves out there with the community as support and talk about the things you love. For me, as you can tell by my avatar – it’s Star Wars. So I will resurrect my dead Star Wars podcast and talk about that, but drop the occasional libertarian views into my content, and bring on other libertarians. For others it’s music, and we are discussing ways for libertarian musicians to come together and support one and other. Streamers and gamers too.

We’re excited at the prospect of no longer simply being passive consumers latching on to and supporting the narratives of either the left or the right but putting forth our own ideas, principles and messages in the everyday ways people live & enjoy their lives. We strive to be a community of creators, influencers & entrepreneurs as well those looking to support liberty in these ventures.

If you’re a libertarian and still on Facebook, come to join this new community and let’s begin making a change. I also encourage you to check out John Bush’s Freedom Cells website which is a promising project.

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