NoleX Exchange and Faucet

NoleX Faucet - simple Tron Faucet

By rogerbuecker | Roger macht Blau | 13 Jan 2021

NoleX is the Exchange of the Nole Project. Here you can easily trade your Tron Tokens.

They also have a Faucet you can claim every Hour to get tokens for free.

NoleX Login

When on the Faucet Site register/login with your Tronwallet and click on the "claim" Button whenever it is available. Now just solve a Google Captcha to get token directly to your N-Wallet.


From your N-Wallet it is just one click to get the Tokens to your connected Tron Wallet. If you have any Questions just ask in the Comments.

To know more about this project checkout: NoleCoin

Also check out this Article about NoleCoin Charity: NoleCoin Charity

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